Glamorous Closet Designs for Your House

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Glamorous Closet Designs for Your House

There are a plethora of storage and closet trends you can choose for your new house. You need to maximize your space by ensuring that every corner of your house is used efficiently. Innovators have come up with stunning closet for both your living room and kitchen. Here are some closet designs to consider for your new house. Glamorous closet designs for our house.

Large Pantries

This design was inspired by the rise and demand for open shelf kitchens. The pantries feature closet cabinets that have a mix of shelves and pull out baskets. The new trend can make your home organization better. It has mostly borrowed from the traditional kitchen, especially in the development of cutting, meal preparation and chopping work station. Besides, the new pantries are fitted in a distant place from the central kitchen. This is done to hide some pantries besides the central kitchen where one can prepare food to avoid dirtying the central kitchen.

Modern Lighting

The modern lighting solution is one of the impeccable trends in the industry. Nowadays recessed lights are fixed to provide ambient light in the cabinets. These lights have special features to turn your cabinets into a luxurious space.

Flex Spaces

Space in our cities is very scarce. Therefore, one has to maximize and use the little space he has efficiently. This has led to some rooms being multipurpose. For example, nowadays, the dining area is used as a homework area or a children’s play space. The one beautiful innovation is movable walls which can easily be pushed to increase or decrease the space of a room.

Such creative ideas are being employed in designing a closet. While our household items are multiplying, storage space is decreasing. Closet drawers are finding their way in the bedroom. Bedroom dressers are being abandoned since they take a lot of space. The other creative idea is double decker’s that are fitted with drawers to increase storage space in the bedroom.

Hidden Storage

No inch of storage space is going to waste. The kitchen is the main target with both the front and back of the cabinet doors being utilized. Instead of permanent countertops, lift doors are fitted to create more space for kitchen appliances. The back of cabinet doors is being designed to include storage space for condiments, spices, salt and tea, to mention a few.

Mixed Metals

One metal finish is being faced out. Metals are now being blended to come up with charming cabinets. Professionals with honed skills in laser cutting services are capable of spicing up silver, mass white and black, brass, gold and rose accessories to come up with vibrant shelves.

Shoe Racks

New modern design is incorporating shoe storage space in a custom closet. Traditional cabinet design does not address footwear storage. The new design has ensured that there is ample space where you can arrange your shoes. Shoe storage space can be spiced up by including bold colours and by illuminating the area.

The critical thing that new closet design trends have addressed is maximizing storage space. The patterns have ensured that not even an inch of storage space goes unutilized. Whether you are building a new house or renovating your living area, commit yourself to create a flourishing space where your family can thrive.

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