Are you going camping or glamping

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Are you going camping or glamping

Are you going camping or glamping; the difference between the two is in the amount of comfort. Glamping is synonymous to luxury camping; seen in things like quality bed linen, comfortable mattress, even an ensuite and meals cooked for you. Glamping is a global trend for travelers who want to enjoy the great outdoors with the comfort of a hotel.

If you avoided camping all this time to avoid bugs, using nature as your bathroom, and having to cook for yourself, going glamping will get you out there without having to deal with the unpleasantries. Glamping saves you from having to pitch your own tent or sleeping bags and allows you to be close to nature without having to rough it.

Or if a hot shower, a comfortable bed and a good meal are essential for a successful holiday then glamping is just the thing for you.

Glamping provides you with the opportunity to get away from your busy lifestyle without sacrificing the comforts you have been accustomed to. When you glamp, you can enjoy amazing views, unique landscapes in a luxury resort style.

Glampers look nothing like the traditional tents we have always associated with camping. They are modern tepees and yurts, or large Asian style round tents with a fire or heat source in the center. Other options with glampers include podpads and ecopads.  Podpads are small wooden huts and ecopads are bigger, cabin –style residences, built of sustainable materials and featuring eco-friendly cooking, heating and sanitary facilities.


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