Goodyear’s Concept Tires Can Help Power Electric Cars.

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Goodyear’s Concept Tires Can Help Power Electric Cars.

The electric car has gained popularity in recent years but it’s major drawback lies in its limited range. This constant worry of how far the car can go before it needs to be recharged is a main concern for the electric car drivers. Goodyear’s concept tires can help power electric cars and do away this very common worry.

While bigger, longer-lasting batteries would be a solution, a possible solution inspired and realised in the working bench of Goodyear could mean an explosion in the electric car market.

At a recent Geneva International Auto Show Goodyear unveiled its BH03 concept tire, which generates electricity by converting the heat it builds up while driving along the streets.

BH30 collects the heat for conversion in various manners.

  • By friction build up as the tire makes contact with the road when in motion.
  • The heat generated from flexing.
  • Small patches on the surface of the tire can draw in heat directly from the sun while the car is parked outside on a hot day.

Unfortunately, there was no mention of how soon this tyre is going to be available or the pricing. Maybe a bit far-fetched but, it is nice to see some progress in elector-mobiles, the sooner we stop being as dependent from oil as we are at the moment, the sooner we start having a greener earth.  Any efforts made in the attempt to make our living greener should be applauded and supported. Whether it be in the form of electric cars, Hover cars or Google self -driving cars.

Watch below what the future of electric cars might hold:


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