Google made its own self-driving car.

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Google made its own self-driving car.

Google has made its own self-driving car, it drives itself and it looks like it comes straight out of an animated cartoon. It’s still pretty cool even though it doesn’t have sleek curves found in a Bentley GT V8.

The future we’ve grown to watch in Sci-Fi movies is becoming more and more a reality today. Still bewildered by the existence of suspended animation now being tried out on patients who are on the verge of death due to severe, life-threatening injuries. Google, today shows off its own self-driving car.

More on this self-driving car: it has no steering wheel, no brakes, no gas pedal and it sits only two people. The benefits of a car like this is that it can drive you home when you’re drunk, you can take a power-nap when stuck in traffic jams or take you to hospital incase of  an emergency. Google thinks that this car can cut vehicle related deaths by 90%.

This is the first car completely manufactured by this tech giant. Maybe in the near future the two major car competitors in the car market will be both Tesla Motors who build fully electric cars and Google cars.

Take a look at this car in action:


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