Great tips on how to improve your swimmers

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Great tips on how to improve your swimmers.

Fertility problems are very real and more common among men than you’d like to believe. However, there are some quick and simple ways you can beat fertility problems.

All men take it for granted that they have healthy sperm, ready for the job at any given time. Truth of the matter is however, that there are several factors that can affect your sperm’s health; sperm count, how well they swim (motility) and their size and shape (Morphology).

Are you thinking of having kids then you should start looking after the health of your swimmers and the steps you need to take to improve their quality. Here are five helpful tips:

1.    Loose weight

If you are carrying around a few extra kilos, lose weight. Shedding those undesired weight will make you look better and will reinvigorate your reproductive system. Apparently, excess fat will decrease testosterone levels, which is a key component in sperm production.  In addition, fat will increase your body temperature, which decreases sperm count and mobility. There is a reason why your testicles are outside your body – they like cooler temperatures.

2.    Get tested for diabetes

If you have been trying for a while and had no luck, maybe it’s time to have a doctor’s check up and ask to get tested for diabetes. Elevated blood sugar can and will affect sperm ability to travel through the reproductive track. It simply takes a blood test to determine if you are suffering from diabetes. Keeping a good diet can help and in some cases you might need medication as well.

3.    Exercise

An exercise routine of about 7 hours a week will increase sperm count. Especially beneficial is outdoor exercise as it increases the levels of vitamin D you get from the sun, which helps with sperm production. Exercise also helps ride of stress a great factor to diminishing health in general. A study shows that high stress levels affect your sperm count and motility.

4.    Diet

Eating plenty of antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry, fish, avocados and dairy products. These foods can combat free radicals and improve quality and quantity of your sperm.

5.    Rule out Hot baths

If you are trying for a baby forget hot baths. Remember your swimmer prefer colder temperatures. Enjoy your hot baths after baby is on the way.

Pretty easy guidelines on how to ensure you have great swimmers when it matters the most.


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