In-ground Fibreglass Pools: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

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In-ground Fibreglass Pools: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

In-ground fibreglass pools are among the most widespread choices for households. The key feature that makes these pools so appealing is affordability and efficiency in terms of installation. The fibreglass shell of a pool arrives cast and ready to be placed into the ground. They are also popular due to their low maintenance requirements, and if you have one of these. Here is an in-ground fibreglass pools, a comprehensive maintenance guide.

Avoid harsh cleaning products

It is easy to be wooed by the impressive array of pool cleaning products. That offer miraculous performances and cleaning effects, but you need to stay sceptical. Most of these cleaning products contain extremely strong chemicals that can damage the fibreglass, which can lead to costly repairs.

Some fibreglass pools are made in combination with concrete and sand, but don’t let this fool you either. Instead, be patient when reading labels and find cleaners that are specifically made for the maintenance of fibreglass pools.

In-ground Fibreglass Pools: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

Opt for soft brushes

Fibreglass pools can be easily damaged if you scrub them with brushes that have stiff and crude bristles. So, opt for ones that have reasonably soft bristles. What begins to look like innocuous scratches on your pool’s wall. Can turn into unmanageable damage after some times has passed.

Additionally, you have to take chemicals into consideration when it comes to brushes – ask for advice from the retailer when it comes to cleaning products, so you don’t end up with a melted brush in your hand.

Clean stains every two weeks

Your pool will most likely be filled with regular tap water from your area. Every tap water is different when it comes to the levels of certain metals. You cannot smell them or taste them, but after some time, you will probably be able to see them in your fibreglass pool.

They will manifest in the form of stains which can vary in hue depending on which metal is present in excess. Puce and maroon stains indicate the presence of iron. Whereas blue with a greenish nuance implies excessive amounts of copper in your water. Use a metal chelating agent every two weeks, according to the instruction manual.

In-ground Fibreglass Pools: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

Make the filter work regularly

When it comes to maintenance, you’ve won half the battle if you have chosen one of these inground fibreglass swimming pools from a reliable manufacturer, but you still need to check your filter regularly.

The role of the filter is to collect the debris while the pool is in use. It is wise to run it every day for 8 hours to aid the proper circulation of water. This way, the quality of your water will be maintained and you will not have to resort to drastic measures such as draining your pool.

Use a pool cover

Pool covers are often underappreciated, which is ridiculous considering how much they contribute to the quality of your pool water and reduce maintenance work. Since it is highly unlikely you will use your pool 24/7, you should probably buy a cutting-edge solar pool cover which will not only shelter your pool from dirt, but also maintain its temperature.

In-ground Fibreglass Pools: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

Have consistent cleaning habits

Even if your pool is covered when you are not using it. There is a great chance the debris from your yard – grass, leaves and dirt – will end up on the bottom. Then you have to decide on a regular cleaning schedule for the best maintenance. This schedule should warrant at least one obligatory cleaning a week, probably on the weekends. A telescopic pole with a skimming net is the handiest tool for such an activity.

A backyard pool can be a source of joy for the entire family. It comes with an array of choices for fun activities, but there is also the other side of this coin – just like any other part of the household, your pool requires solid maintenance, so don’t purchase a pool if you are not ready to take on the level of responsibility that comes along with it. Thankfully, in-ground fibreglass pools are not that hard to take care of, but you have to do it regularly to avoid any irreparable damage that can hit your wallet hard.


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