Grow Veggies & Herbs In Your Kitchen

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Grow Veggies & Herbs In Your Kitchen

Did you know that you can now grow veggies and herbs in your kitchen? Indoor gardens are an innovation worth considering.

Indoor gardens have been around for a while and although many people have tried it, there are an equal number of people who haven’t. Most times the hesitation springs from the fear that they are not knowledgeable enough or simply do not have a green thumb to grow plants.

A number of companies like Grove, SproutsIO, Aerogarden and Replantable are working to make your indoor garden a reality. They are creating compact aquaponic, aeroponic and hydroponic systems that will live in your home. That work without soil, sunlight or water. Instead these systems use a misting system and smart LEDs’ light that tune to the plants needs.

There are so many advantages to growing your veggies and even your herbs in your kitchen. First, the convenience is amazing with no need for backyards. Then we have the benefit of houseplants helping you stay healthy. House plants can lower your blood pressure, increase attentiveness, raise productivity and even lower levels of anxiety. These beautiful plants ornament and brighten up your house and the herbs, now considered a superfood will add flavour to your cooking and the veggies you grow will feed you.

SproutIO co founder, Jennifer Farah says: “ People need to have more of a connection to their food”

Modern kids and young adults need to understand where and how our food grows and possibly making a connection that will lead to better and improved diets.

These indoor growing systems will let everyone explore and learn about a variety of plants that make up our food, food that we consume on daily basis.

Find out more about this great indoor garden in the video below by New York Post:

This might be the answer to fresh produce right in your kitchen. Now you can enjoy your fresh produce indoors all year round.


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