A Guide to Buying Adult Toys (Without the Guilt)

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A Guide to Buying Adult Toys (Without the Guilt)

It’s been almost a half-century since the infamous Summer of Love and the height of the sexual revolution. One would think, in that time, that attitudes about sex and bodily pleasure would have altered. But while more sexual innuendo and images might float across our screens than ever before. It’s still easy to feel more like pimply thirteen-year-olds enduring an awkward health class than easygoing porn stars when the topic of sexual adventures comes up. But don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Here’s our guide to how to kick the guilt and enjoy the stimulus of shopping for the perfect adult toys. Don’t miss out this great guide to buying adult toys (without the guilt).

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You aren’t alone with the discomfort of buying items to pleasure yourself, but you might be alone in your relationship status. These days, according to Gallup statistics, the percentage of marriages amongst adults aged 18 to 29 has been steadily dropping while the rates of singledom have been rising. So if you’re ordering small pizzas, you’re most decidedly not the only one. If you’re tired of dodging rejection on dating apps, why not spice up your relationship with numero uno: yourself? Still, your hesitation with the awareness that research shows that self-pleasuring is actually good for you, leading to increased self-esteem, stress reduction and better health thanks to the pumping of your most important organ (the heart).

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If you’ve always been curious but have spent your life living with a mainstream mindset, the thought of embarking on an adventure to buy sex toys might cause you a certain degree of discomfort. But in this day and age, no nighttime, sneaky excursion to a store with blacked-out windows is required. Instead, the Internet has opened doors for explorations of our sexuality that weren’t possible in times past. Sex-positive sites and online shops abound to encourage you past the guilt and into a more open, accepting attitude. And, when you are ready to make a purchase, discreet ordering and delivery is the name of the game – all from the privacy of your own home computer.

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Married or in a long-term partnership? Statistics show that people in long-term relationships masturbate more those who are actively dating, so you might want to order a few bells and whistles to enhance your alone time. If you’re wanting to bring some buzzing gadgets or pleasure-enhancing items into your shared bed, it’s a good idea to be upfront about the idea and these conversations can sometimes be challenging. The key is to approach with love, offering to listen as much as to talk, and supporting your partner. Ultimately, make it clear that you raised the topic because you want to play with them and enhance both your experiences and that’s something to celebrate and nothing to feel guilty about.

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If uncertainty is still an issue, either on your own or with a partner, why not start small? Rather than jumping into the latest in bondage gear, try out a simple blindfold or buy an easy-to-operate clitoral stimulator or some tingly lube good for both solo and shared adventures. Baby steps will help you figure out what you both like, what makes you comfortable, what gives you the ultimate arousal and where you want to further explore.

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Sex is healthy and nothing to be ashamed about, this is the rousing message of the sexual revolution. And they had it right. Our bodies are our own to pleasure and appreciate as we like and when we can get past guilty hangups, the world of adult toys is truly our aphrodisiac oyster.

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