Who is the guy on “Old Spice’ commercial

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Who is the guy on “Old Spice’ commercial

Who is the guy on ‘Old Spice Isaiah commercial. His name is Isaiah Mustafa, for most of us he is the star of a series of hilarious ads for the aftershave “Old Spice’ that overnight went viral instantly creating an heartthrob for women to fantasise about all over the globe and injecting new life to a brand that was long dead in the water.

Isaiah Mustafa, the smooth, sexy, tongue-in-check guy of the advert ‘Old Spice’ we love to watch, is an American actor who says is not a bold as his brash alter ego bloke in ‘Old Spice’ commercial.  This ladies’ man in real life is quite a sensitive man. He admits that he actually is quite shy when it comes to women, something we find hard to believe, especially when donning such a hard rock body. However, this is what he says to be the truth.

I doubt that this admission is going to stop any of his numerous female fans from approaching him with some outrageous demands. He does portray himself as the man every woman desires and fantasises about – true, good old-fashioned masculinity coupled with a chiselled torso.

Now for your entertainment watch Isaiah Mustafa in ‘The man your man could smell like’ do what he always does best – take his shirt off, show off his chiselled torso and carry on in a fast-paced monologue as you see him move from a bathroom to the beach and finishing with him sitting on a horse.

‘The man your man could smell like’ is his claim to fame and Isaiah Mustafa popularity and cult status grew ever since:


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