Hair Care Golden Rules You Have to Know

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Hair Care Golden Rules You Have to Know

Being known as the girl with the great hair is easier than you think. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get styling or wrap your head in hot oil treatments multiple times a week. But you do have to know these golden rules of hair care.

In fact, following these simple golden guidelines will likely save you time (and money!) on wasted efforts and resources. The end result? Easy, brilliant and beautiful hair days!

Hair Care Golden Rules You Have to Know












1) Ease Up on the Shampooing

Hair experts agree: over shampooing hair will strip away your hair’s natural oils, which serve as the most effective conditioners for your tresses. Rather than washing every day, wash your hair two or three days a week, substituting full on washes with water only rinses (followed by conditioner) and dry shampooing. But lay off the shampoo itself. Even if you produce a lot of oil naturally, and even if you sweat it out daily at the gym, you do NOT need to be shampooing daily.

This holds especially true for people who colour their hair since shampooing will diminish the dye.

Another factor to consider? Hair type. First, find your hair type. If your hair is curly and thick, for instance, you can likely go longer between washes, since your scalp’s oils take longer to meander on down. However, if your locks are deadpan straight and fine – and particularly if you have a really oily scalp – you may not be able to go more than a day without shampooing.

Hair Care Golden Rules You Have to Know












2) Sweat Trick

For those of us who love to work up a good sweat, listen up: your run or hour-long power-lifting routine at the gym may be great for your body, but it can wreck havoc on your hair. Salty sweat dries out your hair, causing it to become more brittle and lifeless. To bring some shine back into your tresses, wet your hair from about mid-length to the tips, and apply conditioner before your workout. Rinses it out after and voila! Beautiful, resplendent locks that are worthy of total adoration.

Hair Care Golden Rules You Have to Know












3) Brush Bottom-Up!

Most people brush their hair from top to bottom, but to avoid stressing your hair out with all that yanking and pulling at the end, start by gently working out the tangles at the bottom, and then working your way to the top. This results in more hair left on your head and less in the brush.












4) Dispensing Don’t

You don’t need a glob of shampoo or conditioner to treat your hair properly. The amount of a quarter will do the trick – though, of course, if you have longer or thicker hair, you’ll need slightly more. Save yourself a pile of money and moderate the amount of product you’re using. It will help keep your hair and wallet healthier.

Hair Care Golden Rules You Have to Know











5) Love Your Ends

Give your ends the love they need by showering them in reliable products. While your shampooing efforts should concentrate on your roots, your conditioning efforts should focus on your tips. Coat your ends in a good quality conditioner, and then let it soak in for a minute or two.

Next up, invest in a solid strengthening oil like a leave-in product from Moroccanoil, to help moisturise your otherwise brittle ends. While there is no cure for split ends aside from a haircut, a little oil can go a long way to help rebuild and smooth damaged tips.

Hair Care Golden Rules You Have to Know












6) Heat Wary

Just like the sun can age your skin, it can also age your hair. That sun lightened look may look great, but if you’re going to get it naturally, make sure you’re also taking care of your hair properly. Again, use your Moroccan oil, apply conditioner to wet hair for a day at the beach or poolside.  In addition, wear a hat as much as possible.

Of course, your hair is also exposed to heat while styling. The most common culprit is the hair dryer. To avoid unnecessary heat damage, keep the hair dryer moving, so you don’t scorch your tresses. When using straighteners or curling irons, the same rule applies: don’t keep it in the same spot for too long. For the best defence, apply a heat-activated protection serum.

You’ll find hundreds of other hair care tips out there, but these are the golden rules to follow for simple, no-fuss, radiant locks. Commit them to memory, and enjoy good hair days for years to come!

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