A Handful Of Steps To Keep Your Teeth White As Pearls

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A Handful Of Steps To Keep Your Teeth White As Pearls

Do you feel your smile can suffer some improvement?

Keeping your teeth looking and feeling nice and white can be achieved without you coughing up thousands of dollars on expensive professional procedures. You can easily whiten your teeth on your own without leaving home. Fortunately, the handful of steps to keep your teeth white as pearls  described below are affordable.

1. Use teeth whitening floss

We’re pretty sure you already use tooth floss. However, with whitening components will not only clean your teeth. It will also help you keep the enamel whiter.

2. Tooth brush should be replaced more often 

Pay attention to how new your toothbrush is, if it’s too old is not doing its intended job. The same rule applies to electric toothbrushes. Depending on the frequency with which you use the brush, change the head more often than you used to.

The older your toothbrush is, the more bacteria it accumulates. Such a brush causes more harm than good. Purchase a new toothbrush and learn to clean your mouth properly. Brushing only your teeth is definitely not enough. Massage your gums, clean your tongue and gargle your throat twice a day.

3. A few tasty treats to keep your teeth white

Some foods and drinks can damage our teeth, partly true. If you eat plenty of beetroot, black currant or drink red wine, black coffee and tea on a regular basis, then your teeth might not look as white as you would like.

Avoid snacks and foods that have artificial colours, such as candies and sodas and replace them with healthier options. You can significantly improve your dental hygiene and your waistline if you eat apples, celery, broccoli and spinach. Fruits and vegetable are full of minerals that can make your teeth whiter and your enamel stronger.

 4. Gargle your mouth with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is probably in your food pantry and as you know it’s good for your health. Did you know that apple cider vinegar can make your smile more appealing? Start your next morning with a simple procedure – gargle it, spit it out and then brush your teeth. The vinegar removes stains on the enamel plus kills harmful bacteria building up on your tongue, gums and teeth. It might take you a bit of time to get used to the taste, but you’ll develop a tolerance.

5. Oil pulling helps your overall oral health

This one might sound bizarre and probably one you’ll more likely dismiss, but don’t ignore it. Oil pulling can help you avoid a lot of other health problems related to dental hygiene. This procedure can greatly improve the colour of your tooth enamel, and even digestion.

Now how do you pull oil? First, purchase a bottle of oil and make sure that the oil is organic and cold pressed. Olive oil or coconut oil will do just fine. Put a spoonful of the product in your mouth. Swish the oil for a couple of minutes and then start pulling it through your teeth. Do this for about 5-10 minutes. Practice it every day and you will soon see the results. Oil disinfects, washes away bacteria and kills parasites. Try out different oils and pick your favourite.

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