Happy Solo Valentine’s Day

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Happy Solo Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day nears, single people might feel lonelier, more inclined to want to stay home and drown their feelings of ‘loneliness’ with ice-cream therapy.

It’s certainly understandable to feel a bit left out since the entire world is putting all their focus on couples, romance, chocolate and roses. It’s totally normal.

But remember this: it’s fine to be single on Valentine’s Day and besides there are countless other people who are in the same boat as you.

Valentine’s Day is not just about chocolate, and flowers, or going out to meet someone, it’s about love.

Romantic love is great but it’s not the only kind of love in the world. Why no make Valentine’s Day a time to showcase your love for other important people in your life?

Take time in the lead up to V-day to send people you care about flowers, or chocolate, it’s unexpected, and it definitely showcase your love for them.

You could also decide to do a good deed and babysit for a stressed-out couple that never gets out.

Or treat yourself and buy a gift – an extravagant piece of costume jewelry, a nice outfit or pair of stilettos.

Maybe you prefer to stay in and rent your favorite, weird quirky movie that you love and nobody else does. Or get wasted and bang some random single.

What about you? Any ideas? Any plans you want to share?

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