Happy Team is a Productive Team: How to Dial-up Workplace Wellbeing

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Happy Team is a Productive Team: How to Dial-up Workplace Wellbeing

It’s not a secret that workplace stress impacts employee wellbeing and work drive. Did you know that neglect of your staff’s psychological shape can punch deep holes in your profits and long-term growth? As alarming as it may sound, it’s true.  According to a 2014 study, carried out by a team of University of Warwick researchers, the performance of happy employees tends to be up to 12% better compared to the output of their teammates. Whereas unhappy employees are as many as 10% less productive compared to averagely happy staff members. The takeaway is pretty clear: if you want your brand to stay in business and grow as years go by, you shouldn’t neglect your team’s mental health. A happy team is a productive team: how to dial-up workplace wellbeing.

Want to find out how to boost workplace wellbeing without extensive investments in the mix? Here, try one of these simple tricks and hack staff satisfaction and peak profits in the years to come.

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1. Eliminate common workplace stressors

Low levels of job-related stress are unavoidable on super busy days, but if workplace tension has a habit of getting out of hand often, your employees’ work enthusiasm will quickly wane, taking productivity and long-term profits as it goes. This is why it would be a wise move to run a survey among your employees and ask them to rate workplace stress, list most common stressors, and suggest ways to eliminate them. By reducing workplace stress, you’ll slice absenteeism and long-term healthcare costs while at the same time hacking peak output and work satisfaction.

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2. Cleanliness for peak mental health at work

Believe it or not, workplace shape is closely linked to productivity levels and mental well-being of your employees. To keep your team on the healthy, happy, and busy track, make sure the office is clean and furnished with employee health in mind. If you want to max out workplace comfort and employee satisfaction, it would be wise to invest in furniture crafted from natural materials and a first-rate UV disinfection system, water filter, and eco-friendly air conditioning unit. After all, your team’s physical health impacts their output, so you’d better keep them in the pink.

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3. Teams that drink together stick together

Personal dislikes and disagreements among employees are only normal, but if you want to keep your staff on the same page, you should invest active effort to foster close bonds between team members. The fact that your staff spends lots of time together during work hours doesn’t make them a team yet: after-hour events and relationships built on trust and camaraderie do. For this reason, it would be smart to organize team building games now and again to provide your team with of-of-office opportunities to have fun and get to know each other on the personal level.

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4. At-work breaks are actually productive

If you think denying your staff an extra break on exceptionally busy days will boost productivity, you’re utterly mistaken. Breaks and downtime are vital for employee productivity as they allow your staff to enter the default mode and start processing and organizing information, and they also help lower stress and frustration and boost your team’s focus, creativity, and mood. For this reason, you should encourage your staff to take breaks every now and then to meditate or have fun with the rest of the team instead of uselessly pondering over work-related tasks.

Happy teams achieve much better results than those who feel uncomfortable in the workplace, which is why you should organize work hours and the office with peak employee satisfaction in mind. Ready, steady, go and make sure your staff feels amazing working for your company: it’s the easiest trick in the talent retention book.

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