Help for Australia’s Disabled

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Help for Australia’s Disabled

Assistance or help for Australia’s disabled comes in many forms. Organizations team together to help more than 2 million citizens in 2015.

Included in that 2 million are those old enough to work, but can’t because of a disability. However, statistics show approximately 288,000 Australian children aged 14 and younger also suffer from some type of disability.

Fortunately, Australia offers a variety of programs, both publicly- and privately-held, to help its disabled, including (but not limited to) the following.

1. Assistance Dogs

This program trains four-legged family members to help people with physical disabilities and mental challenges such as PTSD and autism. The Assistance Dogs program is free to Australia’s disabled, but there’s a waiting list.

Anyone caring to donate to this deserving program is encouraged to do so.

2. Better Start for Children with Disability

Each child is subject to meeting eligibility requirements. To register a child, they will need to have a diagnosis such as Down Syndrome, Rett’s, Cerebral Palsy.

In addition, hearing and sight impairments could qualify them as a candidate for the Better Start program as well.

3. Samaritans

You’ll find experience and flexibility counts when it comes to arranging and coordinating patient care. Samaritans take an individual approach to a person’s needs.

With this in mind, you should know the staff is knowledgeable and fully trained to take great care of your family and Australia’s disabled.

4. Australian Department of Human Services

There’s financial assistance for disabled people aged 16 years and older. Eligible individuals must have a permanent disability that prevents them from securing employment.

Of course, help for Australia’s disabled means they must meet certain residency and income requirements.

5. Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs)

This program supports individuals with moderate or severe disabilities. DEs provide services to the disabled as a link to training and employment programs. Those wanting to return to the workforce are welcome to apply.

6. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

The NDIA wants to guarantee help for Australia’s disabled. This organisation intends to assist people with disabilities by getting them the support and care they need. It is an independent agency striving to ensure disabled individuals receive a seamless transition by providing access to compliant providers.

7. Independence Australia

Sometimes all someone needs is a little help or an extra hand. For this reason, Independence Australia specialises in providing help for Australia’s disabled in assisting with duties such as personal care, providing transportation to activities within the community and needs within the home.

8. Disability Employment Services

Going back to work can be a challenge if you have a disability. Disability Employment Services makes it easier to find jobs. With this goal, the organisation helps to create jobs as well as helps the potential employee meet standards and challenges.

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