Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent Eye Ailments

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Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent Eye Ailments

According to BrightFocus Foundation, by 2020 almost 80 million people of the world may be affected by the irreversible blindness caused by Glaucoma. What is Glaucoma? It is the buildup of fluid which is unable to flush out, putting pressure on the eye and damaging the optic nerve, causing blindness. Surprisingly, it’s an ailment that has affected many people in this world. If not managed or treated, it can cause irreversible blindness making life really difficult.

There are many different glaucoma treatment options like SLT for glaucoma, pills, laser surgery, eye drops and more. But, as the old quote goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, it has become extremely important to prevent glaucoma from affecting your eyes. Here are some important tips to help you prevent glaucoma and other eye ailments.

1. Eating Right

Your body gets its energy and nutrients from the food that you eat. So it’s natural that food plays a vital role in preventing you from getting ailments. The same goes for preventing glaucoma. Replace your vitamin supplement tablets with foods that will provide you with the same vitamins. Your plate should consist of healthy foods which should include lots of leafy and green vegetables because they contain the lutein and zeaxanthin nutrients that have been known to reduce the risk of eye diseases. Add lots of fruits to your diet, especially those which are rich in Vitamin C because it helps fight off eye diseases.

2. Regular Eye Check-Ups

If you have a vision problem, it becomes more important for you to go for regular eye checkups to see that your vision doesn’t deteriorate and for a check on other eye ailments. For those who have seen their previous generations suffer from different types of glaucoma, it is more important that they get themselves checked because they might be susceptible to this hereditary problem too.

  • People in the age group of 40- 55 you should get your eyes checked every 2-4 years
  • Individuals in the age group of 55- 64 you should get your eyes checked every 1-3 years
  • Those who are 65 and above, it’s important that you get your eyes checked every year

3. Quit Tobacco

If you’re a smoker, you’re putting your eyes at a greater risk of suffering from eye ailments because smoking causes cyanide to enter your bloodstream which can destroy eye cells. It gives you dry eyes and you are also at a higher risk of getting cataracts. In a nutshell, if you’re smoking, you’re more likely to get vision-related problems than those who don’t. So it’s better for your overall health, that you quit all forms of tobacco intake.

4. Give Your Eyes a Break From Screens

Our eyes weren’t naturally created to stare at screens and gadgets all day. So it’s natural for our eyes to get affected by them. When we’re staring at a screen for too long we forget to blink and that causes dry eyes. It’s not to say that staring at a computer screen will cause glaucoma, but yes it can cause a degeneration of your optic health which can cause further ailments like glaucoma and the like. To ensure that you’re taking care of your eyes while working on the screen after every 20 minutes look away from the screen and blink multiple times.

5. Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes causes diabetic retinopathy which causes blindness. It is important to control diabetes to ensure that you don’t get diabetic retinopathy. For this, you have to keep your blood sugar levels in check, keep cholesterol within the safe range and get regular check-ups done.

This is especially important for those who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Eye vision, once lost, it is nearly impossible to get it back. So it is very important that you take good care of your vision and eyes. Give your eyes ample amounts of rest, get them checked regularly and give up any habits that may cause harm to your eyes or further damage to an already present ailment.

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