Here’s Why Business Owners Should Include Good Photos on Their E-commerce Site

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Here’s Why Business Owners Should Include Good Photos on Their E-commerce Site

The e-commerce industry in the Philippines is young-but promising. According to Statista, the projected revenues by 2020 is over $3 billion. It could also achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.3% by 2024. By then, the size of the market could balloon to over $6 billion. Here’s why business owners should include good photos on their e-commerce site.

Proof to support this thought.

If you’re looking for more proof, remember the 11.11 Shopee sale of 2019. The e-commerce website sold a staggering 70 million products. During the first hour, the number of sold items was three times higher than in 2018.

These days, if business owners would want to grow their company, running an e-commerce site, or even setting up a product page in the likes of Lazada, Shopee, or Zalora becomes more significant.

However, it isn’t enough to have a product page after the product page. Each should include an accompanying photograph. Here’s why:

1. Most People Are Visual Learners

People learn at least in three primary ways: auditory (sound), kinesthetic (movement), and visual (sight). About 60% are visual learners. Meanwhile, only 30% learn by sound and 5% through kinesthetic.

It explains why it’s images, not texts or podcasts, that go viral fast or why YouTube is now one of the most popular social media sites. It is also the reason visual content like infographics can convert leads to customers seven times more than written content, according to Smart Insights.

2. Most Mobile Devices Can Render Brilliant Images

Many mobile devices now don’t have only large screens but also excellent resolutions. An iPhone 6, for instance, has 750 x 1334 resolution. Compare that to only 200 x 320 pixels of the Nokia 3600! In other words, images appear brighter, crisper, and sharper.

Further, more Filipinos are using mobile devices. Statista data revealed that by 2023, at least 50 million of the population would become mobile users. That’s an increase of over a million in 2022.

Note: Business owners might want to cut spending by doing photos themselves, but they can benefit more when they hire a professional e-commerce product photographer. Professional-looking photos look better because of styling and lighting.

3. Filipinos Would Want to Read Reviews with Photos

As millennials love to say, “Photos or they didn’t happen.”Over 75% of consumers prefer to read online reviews before they make a buying decision. However, the world also lives in receipt of culture.

As proof of the importance of photos, Shopeerewards consumers who back their reviews with images. They can accumulate coins, which they can use to shop later.

4. Trust Matters

In the e-commerce world, consumers can shop to their heart’s content, but they cannot see or experience the product until it arrives. Buying something online is, therefore, a significant risk for them.

For this reason, both buyers and sellers operate on trust. How can the latter, though, improve their credibility? One is through photos. Buyers can use images to get a better idea of what they will receive. When the package arrives, they can match the item to the image and the product description.

When designing a product page, don’t cut corners by leaving out images. Otherwise, you could missa critical converting factor.

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