Hilarious, Thought Provoking X-Rated Cartoon “Sausage Party”

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Hilarious, Thought Provoking X-Rated Cartoon “Sausage Party”

Remember when cartoons were fun and entertaining? Keeping you glued to your seat hours on end?

Best feeling ever!

Want to experience this again, with a whole new spin?

At the mention of the title “Sausage Party” your mind will fill in the blanks.

X-rated adult cartoon “Sausage Party” is here to let you reminiscent with some adult value and it sure puts new meaning to “Don’t play with your food!”

What you’ll be watching is food having sex with other types of food and it includes an orgy. Sound like something you’d watch?

Plot line goes something like this…..

A misplaced sausage and his savoury friends embark on an existential adventure through the aisles of a massive supermarket in this raunchy animated comedy from Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg.

Before the doors open for business the next morning, these perishables get up to a lot of naughty mischief, even have an orgy going.

Sausage Party is the first  R-rated, 3D-animated movie ever made, maybe that’s enough reason to go watch it.

This animated movie mixes cheerful, personified foods with hard-R language and theme.

However, what is really incredible, and this movie seems to be able to do it all in one is; one wouldn’t expect a movie about groceries to explore complex issues of existence, theology, religion and belief.  This R-rated 3D-animated, clever movie although filled with sex and profanity, it’s a philosophical exploration.

Below are some reactions from various sources:

SAUSAGE PARTY is the product of diseased minds, and I love it.” Drew McWeeny, HitFix

It’s a filthy, R-Rated masterpiece” Ross A. Lincoln, DEADLINE.COM

Raunchy, raw and one of the most outrageous, funniest movies of the year”

Ethan Anderton, SLASHFILM.COM

Watch the trailer below of Sausage Party:

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