Holding Corporate Events – 7 Essentials to Add to Your Checklist

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Holding Corporate Events – 7 Essentials to Add to Your Checklist

Planning a corporate party is a huge hassle for the company and in some respects, the event planning company. It requires tons of patience and hours of deliberation, so to make the event memorable, every event planner or the admin guy needs a checklist. Holding corporate events – 7 essential to add to your checklist.


1. Set the Theme, Date and Budget

Event themes always ensure bonding of sorts among the guests. With a theme, employees and the guests will be keen to experience a spin to the occasion. The theme needs to be in harmony with the rest of the event. Especially in its décor, the dress code, the food, as well as the party favours. 

Companies need to set a date well in advance for the event. This approach will ensure that; all the employees and clients can plan ahead in meeting their commitments and take time out for the party. The date needs to be set out so that a typical venue could be reserved in advance.  Share the date with the intended guests so that they can block calendars in advance.

Also, if the party is late at night; you might have to make arrangements for employees or guests to stay overnight at specific hotels. The party planner needs to work on the negotiated rates, and finalize the hotel rooms in advance. Use upgrades and check out the attrition clauses!

2. Set out the Budget

Additionally, the admin should be given a set budget for the party; without which it will not be possible to keep a detailed line-item cost that can be considered for the event. Check out the venue rental fees, food catering, gifts for the guests, proper signage and creatives, flowers, and much more. Décor should be part of the budget. So, that if the quote is lower than anticipated, you can reserve the same for something else. 

3. Nail the Corporate Catering Options

Most companies pick and choose a caterer based on their experience, their testimonials, and their delivery quality, or even cost-effectiveness. Especially, if they are chosen to host multiple events in a calendar year.

It is not always simple to have a corporate party with a single corporate catering company because some companies specialize in large events, while some are adroit in hosting smaller, more personalized parties. It also depends on the bookings; if some caterers require these companies to book dates in advance or have specific menus that are completely different from regular menus. Corporates also invest in buffet stations that let their employees feel free to eat how much ever they want.

It is advisable to note that not all catering companies offer a plethora of menu items as part of their catering services. Get the caterers to cook the choicest dishes from the most popular cuisines. Choose caterers based on their excellent customer service record too. 

4. Offer multiple entertainment options

Having a venue full of brilliant décor is not enough to nail any event. You need a podium or a stage so that the host could conduct the event schedule, with live music and dances. You could get employees to participate in performances well in advance so that they have ample time to prepare for the event. 

You could rope in a DJ, magician, a band, or even karaoke. Get employees to interact with each other through group games managed by the host so that the event is a fun-filled one for all. 

5. Send out Thematic Invitations 

Thematic invitations are a must and they should be ready well before the planned event. The party planner or the admin needs to get in touch with the right company that can design, develop, and print the invitations in time. 

You can even create a small microsite to get RSVPs for the guests and gain the opportunity to convince everyone to mark dates on their calendars. Get realistic attendee numbers in advance so that you can set realistic expectation on the food and beverage orders.

6. Get final checks in place

Do a final check with venue owners, the chosen caterers as well as other vendors before the event itself so that you are sure to get the event in order. Make sure that the arrangements are aligned with the brand of the company reputation right from the start. 

Get the final numbers in visitors by sending in reminders so that you can convey those numbers to the caterers, who may have to do a lot of preparation in advance! Get the parking, installation, and tear-down timings in order with the right labour in place.

7. Send out Thank You Emails and Make Social Media Posts

After the event is done and dusted, send in emails to thank the guests and the employees. Although the event is over, the communication should not stop. Include links to the event photos and videos so that they remember the event with fond memories. Get the attendees to share experiences with a relevant hashtag to post on social media. 

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