Hand-drawn illustrations of home interiors

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Hand-drawn illustrations of home interiors

Where we live impacts our identity, spurring a lot of emotions within us—whether that be nostalgia, happiness, sadness, or even anger. So, when asked to describe our home city in just one single word, it’s safe to say, it’s a pretty tough call.

Well, this is exactly what Budget Direct did when they took to Reddit to ask people across eight different capital cities to describe their hometown…and it’s safe to say, they got some pretty tongue-in-cheek answers! From the improvised ‘greige’ (grey and beige) of New York to the ‘hipster’ of Cape Town, they wanted to understand how our feelings towards our cities and surroundings can reflect our own personal home choices and interiors. With this in mind, they commissioned an illustrator to design, from scratch, eight different living areas using solely the inspiration of the Redditors.

Sydney came out as expected with natives describing the beautiful sandy shores and predominance of ‘blue’ that seeps into some lucky residents’ windows each morning.  Other words mentioned which reflected the interior illustration were ‘rugged’, ‘sandstone’ and the beautiful seasonal tree the ‘jacaranda’, that blossoms lavender across Sydney each year. Their sublime display of colour has meant an increase of tourists flocking to North Shore each year to grab the perfect selfie!  You can check out all eight illustrations below.

1.Cape Town

Hand drawn cape town home interior

Reddit residents of Cape Town, used words like ‘sunshine,’ ‘relaxing’ and ‘wildlife’ to describe their home place, illustrated here by warm hues, botanical touches and animal print fabrics

2.Hong Kong


Hand drawn illustration of Hong Kong home interior

Redditors from Hong Kong, drew upon blue and red—the red colour, a culturally iconic colour reflecting wet markets and their fresh meats, red taxis, and the red glaze of delicious Char Siu!


3. New York


Hand drawn illustration of New York home interior

New Yorker was described by Redditors as ‘Griege,’ a blend of grey and beige.

4. Rio de Janeiro

Hand drawn illustration of Rio de Janeiro home interior

Rio de Janeiro known for the carnivals and music –  ‘Samba’, ‘green’ and ‘gold’ are all words representative of Brazil’s vibrant, bustling, city, offset against the black and white of the piano rug, which pays homage to the upbeat sounds of Bossa Nova, one of the words that Redditors associate with the city.

5. Singapore

Hand drawn illustration of Singapore home interior

Reddit residents described Singapore city as ‘edgy’, represented here by the different shapes of furniture and pots.

6. Sydney

Hand drawn illustration of Sydney home interior

Sydney is known for surfing and beautiful beaches. Bringing the outdoors, this illustration has the opera house for a lamp. Locals also conjured up the bright purple jacaranda trees which can be seen on the canvas.

7. Paris

Hand drawn illustration of Paris home interior

This room is as grand and decadent as the luxurious hotels that span central Paris. Paris is a melange between classic and modern features.

8. London

Hand drawn illustration of London home interior

It’s hardly surprising that the London Underground sign popped up since Londoners spend so much time commuting. They also ‘ green spaces’ representing the parks they love when it’s sunny out.

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