Home Office Design Ideas that Will Inspire Productivity

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Home Office Design Ideas that Will Inspire Productivity

A lot of people dream about working from home in order to avoid the need to go to an office; however, some end up spending countless hours and resources into making their home office just right. Why is that, and isn’t the point of being a telecommuter the ability to work from your living room couch? Well, both yes and no. You see, inside your home, everything is created to evoke the feeling of comfort, which can, at times, be a productivity killer. In order to get all the benefits of working from home without diminishing your productivity, you need to design a proper home office. Here are several ideas that will allow you to do so quite effectively.

1. Look for the quietest corner

The first thing you need to focus on is finding the quietest area within your home. If you have the privilege to choose, you will focus on finding the room that faces the backyard instead of the street, as well as the room that’s the furthest from the common area as possible. This last part is particularly important if you’re living with roommates or family members. For those who are determined to put some more work and effort into this project, you should seal holes in the walls and caulk spaces in your drywall. If a remodelling budget is not an issue, you should even consider installing a solid core door. Soundproofing the place can give you a significant edge over other telecommuters.


2. Going minimalist

The next thing you need to do is minimize the number of distractions within the place, and one of the ways to do so is to clean up the mess. Start by decluttering the area and ridding it not just of litter but of the unnecessary items, as well. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you should leave your desktop barren. A compact indoor plant, a framed picture of a loved one, or a similar memento is still a great idea. Just try to keep the place clean-looking and simple.


3. Extended workplace

The thing about the traditional office is the fact that it’s not just a work area. It also has a breakroom and a kitchen or a cafeteria. You might want to emulate this concept within your own household. For starters, you already have a living room as a breakroom, as for your kitchen, it might be up for an enhancement. For instance, you could opt to get yourself a quality coffee maker, seeing as how coffee is the fuel on which the business world runs. Other than this, it might also be a good idea to invest in a high-end ice maker, in order to provide yourself with some cold refreshment when working during the blazing summer.


4. Ergonomic furniture

Finally, we come to the topic of ergonomic furniture, which is crucial when it comes to optimizing your productivity and maintaining your long-term health. For starters, the chair and the height of the desk directly affect your posture. By ignoring this, you will condemn yourself to a lifetime of lower back pain. Trying to focus on work while enduring this torture is all but simple, which is why your productivity will suffer, as well. The angle at which your monitor is positioned is also affected by the height of the desk (unless you have it wall-mounted), which may have a long-term impact on your eyesight.


From all the above-listed, it’s more than clear that designing a home office might be far more complicated than you’ve initially expected it to be. Still, it’s a crucial issue that you have to resolve as soon as possible. Seeing as how your productivity and, therefore, your entire career is on the line, this is something that’s definitely worth taking into serious consideration.

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