Home Remedies For Tendonitis Pain Relief

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Home Remedies For Tendonitis Pain Relief

Tendons are an important part of the human body. These tendons are intrinsically tough, fibrous, and flexible stretch of tissues that helps to join the muscles to the bones. Tendonitis is a condition when these bands of tissues or the tendons are subjected to wear and tear, are inflamed due to some infections or external hurt and abrasion or are irritated due to some external agents. These tendons can be of different sizes, where the ones at our hands are small and delicate, and the ones that join the thigh and the calf muscles are big and voluminous.

The factors or the trigger element that causes Tendonitis is yet to figure out with more precision. However, some of the general reasons that cause this condition are commonly those of overuse of the tendons or a situation of overload on the tissues. Tendonitis can even occur due to an infection of gonorrhea. Some of the common parts affected by this condition are those of the wrist, shoulders, knees, elbow, and heels.

Tendonitis is a condition that is best treated as fast as possible. Doctors can give you medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen, which are anti-inflammatory drugs. In other cases, you can also have to use slings and temporary bracing. In more severe conditions, you might also need to inject medicines in the affected areas. However, this does not mean that there cannot be simpler treatments for tendonitis pain relief.

The Different Aspect of Simple Homemade Remedies for Tendonitis Pain Relief:

#1. Rest 

This elemental aspect plays a major role in improving the conditions and provides tendonitis pain relief. If you are into a regular regime of exercise, then it will be advisable for you to stay away from the routine for a while. Do take ample rest and precaution during this time. Even if you wish to continue with your physical exercise routines start with some light workout patterns. Try not to use the affected part and put as less pressure on the areas as possible. It is advisable that you do consult a doctor for the time being and follow his advice on the same.

#2. Diet

Inflammation is a condition that can worsen situations and spots of chronic injuries and abrasions. Inflammation is a condition that can put a halt in your treatments for tendonitis pain relief. This is why it is advisable that you watch the things that you eat during this time. There are certain food items that can be beneficial and can support the treatment for tendonitis pain relief. Some of them are green leafy vegetables.

These food items are loaded with antioxidants that can help to release the stress factor in these inflamed tendon areas. Green vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach must be included in all types of meals and must form a volume of the plate. The nutritive elements like Vitamin K and Vitamin C can be of a great help for the process of healing. You can include food items like lean meat, fish with loads of omega 3 fatty acids, eggs and berries are included for better treatment of tendonitis pain relief.

#3. Things to Avoid

In order to provide better support to treatments of tendonitis pain relief, you must avoid food items such as alcohol and caffeine, too much of salt and sodium content of food and intake of sugar. You must also stay away from oily and fried food.

With a little effort and proper care of general lifestyle, the kind of food we eat and the type of work and physical activities that we do, we can easily treat the condition and get relief from the pain of tendonitis.

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