Home Window Replacement vs Window Repair

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Home Window Replacement vs Window Repair

Homeowners sometimes face the problem when their old home windows don’t work in a proper way anymore. When that happens, people start thinking of buying new replacement windows, considering them to be the most effective solution to solve the old window problem.

But installing new windows can be very expensive, and there are moments when such costly activities are not really necessary. Of course, each case is individual, and before spending your money you should get a consultation of the experienced specialist from the window repair company, but here we gathered the main signs that can let you know by yourself if the window is better to be repaired or replaced.

When you’d better repair your window

1. Poor window insulation

If the window frames and glass are up to par but the only thing that bothers you is a draft, then you have a great opportunity to fix it by caulking and weather stripping. Such activity will help you not only to make your house more energy efficient ant to reduce your energy consumption, but also you will save money on your window repair and avoid window replacement in your house.

2. Vintage home exterior

If your house has unique old exterior, it’s better to know that original windows there most likely have a huge architectural value. That means if you decide to sell such house someday, new windows there will reduce its price, so you should do everything to save and repair your old home windows.

3. Glass is broken but window frame is not

There is a great amount of companies, specialized in window glass repair and replacement, so you should know that even if your window pane is broken, it’s possible to save your window and to get it repaired. Situations can be different, but sometimes it may cost you much cheaper, then buying totally new replacement window.

4. Rot and cracks in frames are not big

If you have wooden windows at home and noticed rotten timber or cracks on window frames, you should ask an advice of a specialist. In most of the early stages of damage it’s possible to repair your windows easily.

Reasons to get a replacement window

1. Old window doesn’t work properly

If you can’t open or close your window easily that may be a sign, that window is already too damaged and has to be replaced.

2. Frame is rotten and cracked thoroughly

If the rot is too deep that it can’t be repaired, then new window can solve your problem in the best way.

3. You noticed leakage

Leakage of the window frame is the most serious problem that can happen to your old windows. If that happened, it’s an important sign that you shouldn’t wait anymore. Replace your windows as soon as possible, as window insulation damage is very serious.

If you finally decided to replace your old window, then you should remember that it’s better to choose only energy efficient windows for your house, as they are well insulated and therefore can save your energy budget by reducing your electricity and gas consumption.

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