Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

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Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

There is no denying the fact that Australia is home to a good number of the world’s most enthralling places. As such, is rated as one of the best honeymoon destinations. From luxurious but affordable resorts to beautiful landscapes, there is a lot of fun to be had by newlyweds. Whether you are going to be rushing off from your wedding venue or you will spend a night in a luxury hotel. Before you leave for your honeymoon, read this guide. To get an idea of where you should be going when it comes to honeymoon destinations in Australia. Here are a few honeymoon destinations in Australia you should check out:

       Whitsundays, Queensland

Whitsundays Island

If you are looking for that perfect romantic zone with less crowd and lots of privacy, Whitsundays is the destination for you. With approximately 74 islands, you have the opportunity to create your own paradise, with just you and your spouse as the occupants. You can go scuba diving, snorkelling, or fishing. Or better still, you can spend your time stretched out or cuddled up on the beach, right under the full shades of swaying palm trees and be left with no choice but to fall in love all over again. The best time to visit is from May through December.

       The Kimberley, Western Australia

Honeymoon destinations in Australia

 Located in the northern part of Western Australia, this destination is nature personified. From mind-blowing waterfalls to amazing ranges, it is the perfect spot for wildlife lovers. You have the option to go on guided tours within the wild frontier or stay indoors and marvel at the serenity of nature. The best time to visit the Kimberley is from the month of April through October.

       The city of Melbourne

Honeymoon destinations in Australia

 If the city of Melbourne did not fall in as your destination wedding venue, then you can make up for it by spending your honeymoon over there. Rated as one of the best honeymoon spots in Australia. With its amazing restaurants, love-emitting botanical gardens, historical museum, café-filled lanes, and old buildings which are awesome sights to behold. All these means you can have that lovey-dovey honeymoon you have always dreamt of. The climate is such that allows for all-year-round visits.


Honeymoon destinations in Australia

 This honeymoon destination is specifically known for its rich and protected reserves, mountains, and breathtaking tropical forests that are virtually swimming with assorted wildlife. From taking safari tours to hiking and riding in hot air balloons, there are lots of fun activities for newlyweds. If your plan includes something more exotic, you can add candle-lit dinners to the list of fun things to do. The best time to visit is September through November.

       New South Wales

Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

 This is definitely one of the most awesome honeymoon destinations you can find within Australia. This is especially for those couples who are on the lookout for more laid-back vacations. You can choose to go hiking, tour the wild frontiers, or relax on the white sandy beaches. From the popular fishing village to the Byron Bay, there are lots of places to go around New South Wales. Most of all, it maintains a subtropical climate all year round. Allowing couples to plan their vacation any time of the year they wish to.


Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

 If you are a lover of nature, then Queensland is the place for your honeymoon. From the unique rainforests to the white sandy beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, and most of all, amazing delicacies. All these put together are sure to give you that unforgettable honeymoon experience you have always desired. Add boat rides, skydiving, and romantic dinners to the list of fun activities and you won’t have any regrets about being in Queensland. The best time to visit is December through February, and May through October.

       Daylesford, Victoria

 If you are an enthusiast of healthy baths and spa, then you should let Daylesford be your honeymoon destination. Known as the spa town, this is the ideal location for love-struck newlyweds as it offers fun activities that will make couples fall in love all over again. From a variety of spas to the botanic gardens, galleries, and farms, you are sure to spend adequate time in total tranquillity, lost in each other’s world. The best time to visit is March through May.

When you choose to go for a honeymoon in Australia, you can count on having the best of love stories to tell as you go hand-in-hand with your spouse on nature walks, taste a variety of local delicacies, and sip the best of wines. And yes, all these can be experienced without any exorbitant expenses.

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