Hot-desking Vs. Permanent Office Rental

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Hot Desking Vs. Permanent Office Rental

Having space of your own to work in is always a good thing. Being able to go into your office and close the door to work is a plus of the permanent office. So is having the privacy to work and meet with both clients and co-workers. Even so, a permanent office rental can be very expensive. Especially, in the city where the cost of office space is extremely high.

Alternatively, coworking spaces offer businesses an inexpensive alternative to conventional office space by providing businesses with the option of leasing a dedicated desk or hot desk on month-to-month membership. Moreover, many times these spaces are in premium locations in the city, namely the CBD. There are so many great reasons why hot desking is a viable solution to businesses of all sizes.

Keep reading to learn why hot desking is a great alternative to the conventional office lease.

Comparison Shop

Before looking at its numerous benefits, let’s compare the value of hot-desking versus the permanent office rental. The hot desk is rented space that comes with all of the amenities typically seen in an office. Businesses who choose to hot desk, they are relieved of the costs associated with utilities, cable, and internet service that usually is a part of the office format. Not to mention, you do not have to worry about cleaning or maintenance of the office. Finally, many of these offices sit in prime locations around the city. Which for businesses who need access to resources in an urban centre, being centrally-located can make work convenient and efficient.

On the other hand, permanent office space has a significantly higher price tag than hot desking. Even the most inexpensive office lease will require extras in terms of initial start-up. In addition to furnishing the space, if it doesn’t come fully furnished, the office will need to be staffed by a receptionist and arrangements will need to be made regarding maintaining the office. In terms of the initial deposit, the first month’s rent, furnishing the space, and making other deposits, you can find yourself spending a pretty penny in just opening your office. Before settling on a permanent office, comparison shop to see the significant savings you get with the coworking space.

Choose Workspace Over Office Space

The difference between workspace and office space is purely related to the experience you have while working. Hot desking is perfect because it frees your business up from having to fund office space while providing an exciting, even dynamic, environment in which to work. With office space, you have the benefit of working alone and having that private space. However, hot desking within the coworking space is an entirely different experience.

For one, you are surrounded by professionals from a range of industries, which makes it possible for you to network during the workday. Furthermore, the hot desk is a more flexible way to manage your time in the office. As opposed to coming to work between a set number of hours, the hot-desk can be accessed at your convenience, and with coworking spaces adopting a 24/7 open door policy, it makes working very convenient. Finally, within the coworking space, hot desking gives your business that chance to take advantage of collaboration opportunities within the space. Ultimately, the hot-desk can make space work for your business.

Hot Desking Wins Hands Down

When faced with choosing a space that can provide your business with the chance to engage with diverse industries in an environment conducive to productivity, it is difficult to turn down hot desking. This office format drastically reduces the pressures associated with maintaining an office. Moreover, this lightened load can provide you with a path to making the inroads to establishing your business.

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