Hottest chilli in the World

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Hottest chilli in the World

In the video below watch pandemonium break out when one thousand people dare to eat the hottest chilli in the world – Ghost Pepper – at the same time.

Last week in Copenhagen, the mass chilli producing company known as Chili Klaus assembled 1000 daredevils to try out their individual wrapped ‘Ghost Peppers’; Chillis rumoured to be around 100 times hotter than jalapeños.

After the collective first bite, the crowds’ expression was one of sedate amusement, a silent display of ‘Is this all you got’ kind of reaction. Within a few seconds everyone in the crowd goes hilariously crazy as the ‘crowd feels the might punch of the ‘Ghost Pepper’. Tears, screams, and even dancing broke out thanks to the unbearable heat of the ‘Ghost Pepper’.

Watch this amusing video of these daredevils turn into red-faced and out of breath teary people:



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