How are eSIMs better than Standard Sim cards?

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How are eSIMs better than Standard Sim cards?

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a small plastic card that slots into your mobile phone. It holds information like your mobile number, allowing you to make and receive calls and use your phone’s data. SIM cards also store data like contacts and phone numbers, making switching between phones easy. An eSIM or the embedded SIM is designed to supersede the old ones. Unlike the removable plastic cards, these eSIMs cannot be removed. Instead, these SIMs are embedded into your handsets, and the information can be rewritten. This means you can change your network provider without removing your sim.

The most significant difference between eSIMs and physical SIM cards is that eSIMs are fixed directly into the motherboard of a phone, and the traditional SIM cards are placed in their allocated space. It cannot be removed or inserted. Since the eSIM is rewritable, you can switch between networks or update data whenever needed. They use the same technology and can function on the same GSM network that normal SIMs use. 

There are many advantages to using eSIMs. They are 

Easier to switch between networks

There is no need to buy new Plastic SIMs when changing networks. Since these eSIMs are rewritable, it’s easy to switch between various networks. Mainly mobiles with a dual SIM slot use these eSIMs for convenience. You don’t have to go hunting for a SIM ejector tool anymore, unlike when using the old SIM.

Perfect for restricted space

Unlike regular SIM cards, These eSIMs don’t require a specific sim card slot, so they are perfectly suitable for IoT-constrained devices. Smartphone manufacturers can use this space to add more features to the device. With fewer holes in the phone, it is easy to protect the device from dust and water.

No possibility of losing the card

Since the eSIM is tied to the device, losing the SIM card and its content is impossible. The data stored in a SIM card can never be lost. Movement tracking is also one of the main advantages of eSIM. You can always know where your loved one is anytime you want. And phone thieves have a significant disadvantage because of these eSIMs.

Data safety

All the data stored in an eSIM is always available in the device to access whenever needed. It is much more reliable than the standard SIM as it cannot get lost or worn out. Even remote provisioning is possible with eSIMs. It makes the switching process quick and effortless.

All your latest devices like the iPhone and Google Pixel use the eSIM alongside a nano-SIM. Most android phones are adapting to this technology to save space for more features. And there is a good chance your next upgrade might have this feature. Cellular versions of the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and the Huawei watch use the eSIM facilities. Windows 10 and 11 also support eSIMs which means the always-connected laptop is the next popular thing in the future. eSIMs are the future of smartphones and other devices.

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