How To Avoid Colds

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How to avoid a cold as the winter season approaches.

As the cold and flu season takes hold, try these guidelines to protect yourself.

Practice good hygiene

The principle means for transferring a virus is through contact with an infected person.  It is then important to wash your hands frequently and to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing.

Avoid touching your face

You catch a cold when the virus makes its way to your nose or into your mouth, keep your hands away from your face. Suggest you carry an antiseptic gel in your handbag to use as you see fit. Virus can stay alive in phones, door handles, keyboards and toys and can stay alive for up to two hours.

Wipe down  all surfaces

Wipe down surfaces like; door handles, phones, remote controls, and keyboards especially when you are hanging around someone who has a cold. A simple solution of water and soap is enough to get ride of the virus.

Good luck dodging all the nasty colds and flu during this winter season!


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