How Dogs Can Help You On A First Date

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How Dogs Can Help You On A First Date

The first date can be very stressful and altogether scary. Most probably, a person will be fighting nerves, flopping sweat, and having awkward pauses during date conversation. Even a person past such first encounter can experience a nerve-wracking feeling on such a date. 

That is why a person should consider first date ideas, such as bringing a dog along. It may look like just another way to add stress, but bringing your dog along with you on a date, especially if it’s the first dating is the perfect way to break the ice. Of course, one might be concerned about what if the dog jumps on your partner?

A Good Boy Can Increase A Good Impression

If your dog appears to be intimidating to your partner, you can do something that will make him seem more friendly. For instance, try to put something like a bandana on his neck or give him a lovable toy to carry. Bring treats for your dog so that you can remind him of the need to have manners. Allowing you and your date to make friends. You can use your dog to help start a conversation by letting him make a move. Which could possibly create an instant friendship. 

In a case where the dog doesn’t show interest in meeting another human, allow him to have his time. You can alternatively give your date something lovable to gift him. It’s good to remember that a well-mannered pet dog could score you good points. Especially where a man is dating a woman.

A Dog Story Make A Date More Interesting 

Some argue that people with great dogs can as well raise fabulous children. Chances are as your date is pampering your dog’s ears, he might also be interested in knowing your dog’s story. One of the things he might be interested to know; is how you ended up having such an excellent canine companion. You will get bonus points, especially if your dog has a sad story, but don’t make up a fictitious story to please your date. 

If your dog does have a depressing past, there must be a genuine reason why you feel good to have him. Start giving out the story of your dog. This might make your date get to know so many great things about you. Things like how compassionate and kind you are or maybe a little sentimental. If the idea of a date filled with awkward conversations doesn’t appeal to you. Then consider planning a meet up that will include your dog or both yours and your date’s. A meet up filled with long and awkward pauses might be annoying to both of you.

Bringing a dog can make those awkward silences at the check and give both of you a favourite time to have an inside look at your personalities. There is nothing more passionate than to meet a person who loves pets. All they may want to do is to post photos and memes of their pets on social media. 

If both of you love pets, then you are like-minded pet people, and you can share and receive endless adorable pet moments through a pet social network app. The PatchPets app is a leading application designed to connect dog owners around the world. The free dog social app for dog lovers is easy to use. The app will help both of you get connected, and it’s pretty awesome and perfect for playdates. Through this app, you will get to know dog treat dates, and this can make both of you to bond as you take the dogs for their play treats together.

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