How Interior Decorating Reflects Personality

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How Interior Decorating Reflects Personality

Wallpaper or painted walls? Plush carpet or bamboo flooring? Curtains or venetian blinds? Bright colors or muted? Vintage or brand new? The options that you choose when you are decorating your home can say a lot about both your taste and your personality.

Where and What

Living rooms decorated in shades of white, grey and silver-blue point to a person who loves cleanliness and order, while a bedroom done up with red velvet-lined walls and chandeliers signal someone who revels in sophistication and luxury.

Shelves lined with collections of first edition novels in a relaxed room with comfy chairs, reading lamps and an open wood hearth suggest a person who prefers spending Saturday night curled up with a good book to acting as the host of a dinner party.

Who and When

On the other hand, those who love to socialize and make sure their friends and family always have a great time at their place, might have a huge kitchen complete with a wide island over which to chat with guests while they sear the tuna.

Home owners who love to entertain might also invest in a fully kitted-out film screening room or the ultimate in an outdoor eating area and swimming pool design.

But what if you’ve never actually intentionally decorated the interior of your home, and now you want to make sure that the style of your rooms, your furniture and all the artworks on display speak to who you are and your personality? Where do you begin?

Finding Your Style

Start by figuring out how your interests and the furniture and objects on display fit with a design style.

Take a look around: what colours do you love in your house and which items do you cherish? Do you adore that Scandinavian teak desk you scored at a yard sale? Have you always longed to rip up the shag carpet in your rented apartment and replace it with clean white tile or even concrete floors. Perhaps you’re a minimalist who likes to keep things simple in your life as well as your surroundings.

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Or, is your very favourite thing the five-by-five extravagant abstract painting in black, red and orange? Maybe your home should broadcast your drama and love of life using bright colours and unique furnishings.

Perhaps you love animals and for you a home isn’t a home without three dogs running around, but right now they are more trouble than they’re worth with the carpeting and fancy furniture you inherited from your grandmother.

Get rid of it, and instead opt for durable laminate floors that can be easily cleaned and worn leather sofas that won’t collect hair. Pair all that with friendly down-to-earth wall colours and perhaps a wall display of framed dog photos and your home will soon be inviting for all your like minded guests – of both the human and canine variety.

We spend so much time in our homes. Shouldn’t they be places where we feel comfortable and that broadcast to our family and friends the best of who we are?

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