How much does it cost to build a hotel management software?

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How much does it cost to build a hotel management software?

Standing in the 21st century, almost everything and anything has become online. We are pretty well-versed with the technological aspects of things. Technology in the hotel industry continues to advance at an enormous speed, and thus, hotel management software becomes necessary for the hoteliers to improve their business and ace up with the generation. How much does it cost to build a hotel management software? Before we list the cost, let us look at what hotel management software include and offer.

What are its features and benefits of having one?

A hoteling software that allows hotel operators and owners to streamline their administrative work while also increasing their bookings in both the short and long term. It should also enhance the experience that the guests have after a stay. All in all, all the manual work that the hotel employees are supposed to do, can be sufficed in this software. It is like a hospitality guide for you.  

Some very essential features that a hotel management software should and must have are as follows below:

  • Guest Experience management
  • Housekeeping, restaurant and maintenance management
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTA) Integration
  • Payment processing
  • Reviews management
  • Wearable integration

Some of the very common hotel management software are Base7booking, clockPMS, OpenHotelPMS, FrontDeskAnywhere, Clerk, InnQuest etc. The cost of any software is based upon the number of features that are to be added to it. 

So, the very initial step is to sit back, decide upon what all features one needs to be there in the software before contacting the Web Development company. 

Given below is an approximate cost of hotel management software development.

Serial number Module Features Average time (Hours) Cost ($)
1. Reservation Online booking 80 4000
Reservation Processes 100 5000
Channel management 120 6000
2. Analysis and Monitoring Income management 120 6000
Building reports 80 4000
Extra services monitoring 180 9000
3. Staff Management Tasks delivery 80 4000
Back-office management 120 6000
4. Interactions with customers Customer data management 100 5000
Notifications and surveys 30 1500
Issuing invoices 100 5000
Sum 1110 55500


The current market is filled with high-technological options in any industry and hospitality is surely one of them. As more and more customers prefer to buy and book services online, hotel owners should be ever-ready to cope with this type of customer activity. 

These systems are not simply targeted to make customer interactions more convenient but also to improve the working conditions of both managers and employees. Hotel management systems with all their modern features help to watch over everyday processes and ensure the quality of services that the company provides. 

A hotel management software can be customized and made as per your need and request, so you pay for exactly what you need. Security is a very big issue and customer’s personal and payment details are protected in the software. 

The hustle of spending huge time and money to teach the staff about the management system is no more a deal and hence, easy to handle and up-to-date.

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