How much sugar is there in a bottle of fizzy drink

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How much sugar is there in a bottle of fizzy drink

A certain leading brand of cola supposedly has 55 grams of sugar, but CrazyRussianHacker is going to get to the bottom of the matter, he is going to boil it and find out the truth.

Here at DailyStar we just can’t get enough of this crazy Russian, who goes by the name of ‘CrazyRussianHacker’. We have previously featured one of his crazy hacks – This is the right way to eat watermelon– Have we learned anything constructive, you ask? Actually, yes, as it turns out his way of eating watermelon is ingenious and we ask why didn’t we think of it first. It is clearly less messy and very practicle. We are not shy to admit it, yes we are now eating watermelon the RIGHT WAY.

Aside from the clever things he does show us, his accent is priceless; we could listen to this dude for hours on end. So we are back for some more of his crazy hacks.

Let’s then watch him answer his question “What will Happen if you boil Coke?’ this should make for interesting viewing.

Now go ahead and press play and watch this crazy Russian show us how much sugar we ingest with every bottle of fizzy drink we consume:


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