How Often Should You Do Prahran Yoga?

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How Often Should You Do Prahran Yoga?

While you may want to start doing yoga, Prahran residents often find themselves feeling too busy. Although yoga is an ideal activity when you have a stressful and busy life. If you’re struggling to get to the yoga studio more than once a week, you may wonder if it is actually worth it. So, how often should you do yoga and will once a week provide you with the mental and physical benefits to a stressed out and busy person?

How Often is Optimum?

This is a tricky question to provide a definitive answer. If you’re heading to the yoga studio once a week, you’re likely to feel less stressed, and it may also encourage you to make more time to go more frequently. Unfortunately, if you only attend a class once a week, you may feel like you have to start over each time. You may even feel sore every class, and while you feel the benefits of each class, you may find it hard to build up a practice at this frequency.

The general rule of thumb for yoga is that more is better. Going two or three times a week will provide you with cumulative benefits that will have you feeling much better. This is particularly the case if you’re new to practising yoga and need to learn all the different poses. Once you have learned those moves, you can even do a little yoga outside of class at home or in your break room during your lunch at work.

Fitting Yoga into a Busy Schedule

When you already feel overloaded and stressed, how can you incorporate yoga classes into your busy schedule. Fortunately, there are some ways to sneak in a class without it causing you undue stress. Look for a lunchtime class that can be fitted into your working day. This will help you avoid the prospect of needing to leave home when you’ve finally sat down at the end of a long day. You could even try getting up a little earlier and head to a Prahran yoga studio before work. This will not only allow you to go to multiple classes each week but also help you to feel more relaxed and ready to cope with the demands of your working day.

Between classes, try to some quick stretches. You can stretch at your desk, do a yoga video at home or even ask your yoga instruction for suggestions of poses to practice when you have a few minutes.

Remember that yoga classes are cheaper than attending therapy, so ask family members to see if they can help you make some time to attend yoga classes more frequently. Your loved ones may appreciate that you’re spending time on your mind and body; they will be able to see you feeling less stressed and not be as liable to be irritable with them.

If you’re considering Yoga, Kaya Health clubs are here to help. We are an established yoga studio with a variety of classes for all skill levels. Our team would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you to find the ideal classes to fit your busy schedule.

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