How the Fashion Industry Made Fitness a Trend

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How the Fashion Industry Made Fitness a Trend

In the past, skinny women were glorified and envied by those who don’t have the same figure and physique. But now, beauty standards have evolved and it’s no longer just about having a narrow waist and a thigh gap. More women are encouraged to embrace their uniqueness, be it their physique, skin colour, height, and other imperfections.

In the midst of the trend of self-love and acceptance, activewear fashion came into the picture. In 2013, sales of activewear have grown faster than other apparel categories. The hype over activewear is continuously growing, so many fashion brands adapted to the trend and launched their own activewear collections, too. And they didn’t just design their clothing for workouts alone; they’re made to be perfectly suitable for everyday wear, such as activewear made in Canada and other countries.

That said, how did the activewear fashion influence people’s motivation to be active and healthy? Let’s take a look at how the fashion industry made fitness a trend,.

Looking Fashionable While Working Out

Fashion experts designed their activewear to be used both inside and outside the gym, and for both workout sessions and everyday activities. They carefully tested out their designs to meet their customers’ demands. As a result, they were able to come up with an activewear line that makes people look and feel fashionable while working out. In addition, the comfort provided by activewear makes people feel good sporting them whether or not they’re working out.

Growing Interest in Fitness

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Although activewear offered by some brands aren’t necessarily meant for a certain sport or exercise, they can be worn for those purposes as well. Since more people are now inspired to become fit, they’ll search for clothes suitable for working out. Finding a fashionable piece can help them feel confident in their fitness journey.

The fitness trend has also extended globally. Consumers in China, particularly families, are reported to spend a quarter of their income on healthcare and fitness, activewear included. It has also been revealed that wealthy Chinese parents are encouraging their children to engage in athletic activities, such as horse-riding.

Runway Shows and Designer Items

Runway shows have also been using sports as a theme. Designer brands are launching various apparel that has a sporty element to it, like dresses resembling baseball socks, for example. Street style pieces, particularly sneakers, are also being fused with sportiness. Other known luxury brands have also launched clothing exclusively for winter sports like skiing.

Accepted in the Workplace

With more offices allowing informal clothing on employees, it’s also seen as a reason to use activewear more often. As mentioned, the comfort it provides makes people feel

good in it even if they’re outside a workout session. In addition, activewear is also perceived as functional but fashionable.

Practicality Over Luxury

Fashion Industry Made Fitness Trend











People are now gravitating toward practical fashion. Celebrities on social media also played a role in this shift. Chinese citizens, who are known to consume mostly designer items, have also been influenced by public figures to adopt a more active lifestyle, and wearing athletic clothing comes along with it. For this reason, sports and activewear brands are now made available in Chinese department stores, and local apparel brands are encouraged to add activewear to their collections.

Because of the growing popularity of the benefits of an active lifestyle, the trend of fitness is seen to stay. As long as more people get inspired to be healthier and practical, activewear fashion will also flourish in the years to come.

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