How the female orgasm works

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How the  female orgasm works

“How the Female Orgasm Works” Buzzfeed Video Is a Must-Watch Crash Course in Your Anatomy – female sexual anatomy.

No matter how much information there is on the elusive female orgasm, there seems to a cloud of confusion surrounding it. This is the very reason why Buzzfeed  has broken it down for everyone in a new video aptly titled ” How The Fe,ale Orgasm Works.” There’s some super useful information packed into this two-minute primer on female anatomy. Here are three of the video’s little vagina facts:

1. Women take longer to orgasm

On average, says the video, women take 10-20 minutes to orgasm during sexual intercourse, while their male partners only take 2-3 minutes. In addition, most women need both vaginal and clitoral stimulation to reach “the big O.”

2. How the orgasm happens

An orgasm is a series of tension-releasing muscle contractions in vagina, anus, uterus and pelvic floor, notes BuzzFeed. On average women experience more of these contractions but also need to work harder for it.

3. Orgasm during penetration

According to BuzzFeed, only one in three women has an orgasm during sexual intercourse.


Watch the full video below to learn about all the neat ways you reach your happy place.



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