How to Achieve a Simple and Luxurious Design

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 How to Achieve a Simple and Luxurious Design

The minimalistic look may appear easy to achieve given that the main characteristic of minimalist design is seemingly effortless simplicity. However, it is not simple at all. Minimalism is a perfect union of simplicity, functionality, and sophistication that elevates any interior by making it spacious, bright and serene.  If you aim for that kind of simplicity in your home. Know that there is much more to minimalism than keeping just bare necessities and hanging geometrical prints on the walls. The minimalist interior design is an aesthetic concept that opposes previous trends and requires planning, good taste and following basic rules of minimalism. Let’s look at  how to achieve a simple and luxurious design in your home

Gain more space

Although minimalist design works tremendously well in small spaces, think of the ways on how to make your home roomier. See if there is the possibility of tearing down a wall, without harming the structure or your privacy. Create a spacious room where you can form fine layout and ensure a good balance of furniture and open space. Try to embrace terms like flow and harmony.

Plan your colour scheme

The minimalist interior does not allow too many colours, so make sure to keep it as simple as possible, sticking to two or three colours. Monochromatic colour palettes of neutral or earthy tones are ideal. Also, most of the minimalist designs incorporate a lot of white.  Still, if you like a splash of vivid hues, find your inspiration in nature and combine colours that go well. Again, no more than two or three.

 How to Achieve a Simple and Luxurious Design


Decluttering in minimalist interiors includes not only cleaning the surfaces and tossing junk but a true commitment to keeping only functional, necessary and quality items. It means saying goodbye to the majority of pieces that lay around and collect dust. The only way to do it is to be ruthless, collect them and call house removals, whether to store it away or take it to the dump. Additionally, you should consider getting rid of some older and bulkier pieces of furniture that you don’t need anymore. Many Aussies tend to do such things when redecorating and when they do, they opt for services for furniture removals. It is highly suggestible you do the same and find someone in your area, get all the junk out and see how the room breathes again.

 How to Achieve a Simple and Luxurious Design

Organize storage

All the items that survived the big decluttering should be put away out of sight. Plan your storage and make it functional yet decorative at the same time. There are great well-designed storage solutions like cabinets, shelves, and furniture pieces with built-in storage that can keep your home clutter-free and easy to glide through.

Have a focal point

Whether it is a single wall painted in a bright colour, a piece of furniture that stands out or big size piece of artwork that dominates the room, create a tasteful visual distraction in your interior that will brighten up the room. Establishing a focal point will make it easier to decorate the place and more details. Still, tread softly, since over decorating can completely ruin the overall impression.

 How to Achieve a Simple and Luxurious Design

Use lights cleverly

Make the best out of natural light, but for the evening hours choose lighting options that can lit the space with the defused and warm glow. Follow the rule of simplicity and functionality, so opt for light fixtures that can serve the purpose of decoration as well. There are great designer’s lamps, which can stand as work of art, effortlessly perfecting your minimalist interior.

Embrace symmetry, different textures, and natural materials

Choose high-quality but simple furniture with basic geometric forms and include different textures to create a sense of warmth in a monochromatic interior. Stick to natural materials like concrete and glass, but if you prefer the warmer ambience then opt for wood or clay. As far as fabrics go, cotton, wool, and leather will do the trick. Try to accomplish symmetry since it has a calming effect and transcends the sense of calmness.

 How to Achieve a Simple and Luxurious Design

The very essence of the minimalist design is ‘’less is more’’, so it takes a profound insight into how functionality mirrors the style. ‘’Less’’ brings more space, more clarity, and harmony, turning your home into a stylish sanctuary.


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