How to beat mental depression

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How to beat mental depression.

Six traps that Your Depression Wants You To Believe and how to beat it.

When depression sets in, it seizes your thought and feelings and it gradually starts convincing you that this is your reality. Fight depressions’ lies by knowing what they are, ignoring them and replacing them with your own inner truth. Every time you use this strategy you will the power to heal a little bit. How do you beat mental depression?

Here are some common depression lies to lookout out for and how to beat it:

1.     It’s a chemical condition. So I can’t really do anything about it right? Wrong.

We live in a society that has grown used to blaming  their depression on  brain chemical imbalance.  There is truth to it but  a  simplistic attempt  at explaining depression. We are all unique individuals and with different stories and as such there is no one answer.

Our brains are made up of electric impulses and chemical substances that change various times through the day and make up our thoughts and emotions.  Often severe clinical depression needs medication, however, medication alone doesn’t stop you from getting depressed again. These medications are designed to give you relief and then you have to work on your self and change you mind and life so that you don’t get depressed again. Develop strategies and ways of thinking that will help you through times of depression.

Some forms of therapy, such as Mindfulness based cognitive therapy, has been shown to be even better than medication at lowering the risk of relapse.

 2.     Anyone with childhood traumas/job dificulties/marriage troubles/ health & finance problems can get depressed.

 We can empathise but we cannot fully feel anyone else’s joy or pain as closely as we can feel our own. This is the very reason why we can feel trapped in our own feelings and life situations.

Due to events in our lives, such as divorce, death and financial strife we might get trapped to think that this is a permanent state of being, emotionally and physically, and that we’ll never be happy.

We all have inner strength and are capable of overcoming great odds. Whatever happened in your past is only a small part of who you are and it should not dictate your whole life. These are events and feeling that should make you grow and learn from them and find new strength to move on.

  3.     “I’ve tried everything. Nothing works for me.”

 Have you used these lines before? ProbablyOne good approach in accepting, embracing and allowing happiness back in your life is to surround yourself with people who are genuinely happy. By being present in a happy environment you slowly embrace it and claim it yours. It sounds simple, but it is because the last thing you want to do is surround yourself with people who are going through depression and further bring you down with their own vibes and negative feelings.

4.     Live in the moment

 What does it mean? Enjoy the here, the present and live today to its fullest. Make an effort to get up, get dressed and get talking to your parents , your kids or friends and you might find yourself laughing at their jokes or situation. This is exactly what you need, to laugh your sorrows and worries, best Medecine for you.

 5.     I’ve made a lot of mistakes and don’t deserve to be happy

We must love ourselves before we can love anyone else.  Whatever, happened in the past is a moment in time you can never go back to. While you are alive you have a million chances to be what you want to be.

 6.     Most of life is OK, except for a few moments.

I think that the story that follows will explain the above statement best:

‘A professor puts up a big white board with a black dot on it, and then asks his students to describe what they see.Most of them come close to scrutinize the board and blurt out the answer excitedly “The black dot! There is a black dot on it!”Finally, the professor says “It’s interesting that most of you didn’t notice the whole white board in front of you, but rather chose to focus on that one small black dot”

This is what happens when we focus solely on the negative things in life. We have to teach and remind ourselves that the negative moments in life are synonymous to the black dot, not in its importance but in respect to your whole life. Your whole life is the white in the board and presents so many possibilities. Yes, give yourself and your mind time to morn, cry , to adjust and have a gloomy few hours but then you have to move away from those negative feelings and resist falling in the trap to stay stagnated while life moves right under your feet. There are going to be moments along the way that those ‘sad’ moments are replayed in your mind. This is what it means to be human. We have a mind that collects memories of incidents and their feelings and to help you move over those you feel these feeling with great intensity when they first happen and then you have glimpses of them so you can learn and compartmentalise them for future use.



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