How to Build Muscle Like a Professional

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How to Build Muscle Like a Professional

You often hear how movie stars build muscles specifically for the role. The Behind the Scenes footage shows they underwent rigorous training and specific diets in order to get six packs. Many of them explain the regimes as torturous and demanding, but yours doesn’t have to be. Have in mind that they are preparing for the role and have a limited amount of time to do so.

On the other hand, you can build your muscles in a reasonable amount of time and coordinate with your other obligations. Gaining muscle mass doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s not out of your reach. You will have to change some habits and be disciplined, though in order to see and feel results. To help you out, here is some advice on how to build muscle like a professional.

1. Escalate the intensity of workouts

Before you go to the gym, check your health and consult the doctor, just to make sure that you can do the type of workout necessary to bulk up. If you get the green light, then start training at high intensity. When you increase the intensity of your exercise regime, your muscles will start growing bigger much faster.

How to Build Muscle Like a Professional

Set the limit of time you will need to complete the workout since this will make the workout more intense. Escalate the intensity by using fewer rest periods, adding weight and performing more reps. You should do this for every exercise, just make sure you do it gradually in order to avoid injury.

2. Use compound moves

How to Build Muscle Like a Professional

If you aim for bulking your big muscles, you will achieve a positive result for the whole body. Compound moves will help your body grow at the same time and prepare your joints for the increase in your mass. These are also perfect for burning fat and increasing your athletic performance.

Try exercises like barbell deadlift, pull-ups, barbell squats, the dip and push press, to name a few. These will certainly be hard at first, especially if you’re starting from the beginning. However, after a while, the results will be astonishing and you will quickly do them with more ease.

3. Isolation moves

How to Build Muscle Like a Professional

While compound moves promise great results for the overall body, you will have to concentrate on each muscle group nonetheless. This is where the isolation moves come in and help you build the definition of the small muscles. One of the benefits of these moves is certainly that they will improve your appearance. However, they will also make you stronger and help your body burn the fat.

Building your muscles may seem like too complicated now, but in practice, it’s all much clearer. If you have a trainer, don’t hesitate to consult them on the appropriate workouts right from the start.

4. Mind your diet

How to Build Muscle Like a Professional

You can’t get muscle mass without careful attention to your diet. This is, however, not that easy and you should probably visit a nutritionist for any expert advice. When you’re working on the muscle mass, the most important thing is to eat a protein-based food.

Exercise will break down the muscles, and the protein will help to build them up again. Don’t avoid carbs, but rather eat the right ones and in the right amounts. You will start consuming much more calories than you’re used to, so don’t be worried when that happens.

Another important factor for muscle build up is supplements. Amino acids and creatine powder on daily basis are important to keep your body healthy and strong enough to undergo the extensive workout regime. Their purpose is also to help fuel your muscles with nutrients they need in order to grow, which is harder to do only with correcting your diet.

5. Don’t skip on the cardio

How to Build Muscle Like a Professional
You may think that bodybuilding means you’ll have to skip on your cardio, but, on the contrary, you will have to include it in your workout. Cardio is essential for building an amazing muscled body, as well as to increase your endurance for harder and more demanding exercise. You don’t have to do it in the gym since you can run outside instead or use a track nearby.

However, you don’t have to run for miles in order to build your stamina. You will have to use short distances and a certain amount of time, with repetitions and rest periods. For example, run 150 yards in 20 seconds, then rest not more than 30 seconds and do it again. Rest for not more than 3 minutes, then run 200 yards in 30 seconds with rest periods not longer than 30 seconds. Rest for not more than 5 minutes, then sprint up the 4 flights of stairs. Every time you reach the top, rest for a minute, and the same applies when you come to the bottom.

In the end

It will be hard and you will think about giving up more than once, but just remember that it’s all normal and everybody had to go through it. It’s important to be dedicated and determined in order to build your muscles, and in time, you will get used to the routine.

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