How to choose the right outdoor umbrella for Your Patio

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How to choose the right outdoor umbrella for Your Patio

Summer heat waves can be a real killer these days. This can really limit your choice of backyard activities. Unless you find a way to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreen provides that extra layer of safety, but it does not hurt to have a few extra square meters of shade in your backyard too. If you do not want to be forced to wait for a sundown. To finally have an enjoyable meal on your lawn, here’s how to choose the right outdoor umbrella for your patio.


You can essentially boil your choices down to two basic kinds of outdoor umbrellas; table and freestanding. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the financial one usually takes the centre stage.

Table outdoor umbrellas are definitely cheaper. They fulfil their function perfectly if you plan to entertain your guests with chilly cocktails and tasty nibbles around the patio table. Additionally, it is much easier to replace these umbrellas every now and then, which gives you more options in terms of the appearance of your backyard setup.

Although a bit more expensive, freestanding umbrellas will not take up the precious space on your patio table and tend to last longer. Owing to their robust construction, the crown (canopy) can be made a lot bigger and therefore cast a wider shade. A cantilever umbrella is the perhaps the finest, most elegant solution here, having a marine grade aluminium frame and stainless steel hardware for longevity, and boasting a 360-degree rotation and an easy-to-operate tilt system.

outdoor cantilever umbrella by a pool



Now that we have mentioned the construction, most of the outdoor umbrella’s strength comes from the base. For this reason, you have to pay extra attention to this part while browsing. Never fool yourself into thinking you will be able to stabilize the umbrella using other outdoor objects like bricks, rocks etc. It has to be sufficiently stable on its own.

Weather can be fickle, and leaving the unstable umbrella on a windy day is a recipe for disaster. If your outdoor umbrella has a radius that extends beyond four meters, try to buy an extra base that is independent of the original setup and fits the pole. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Just as construction companies have to think about flexible materials in regions that experience frequent seismic events. You have to think about the outdoor umbrellas made of materials that can endure winds, rain and heat.

Customers tend to purchase aluminium umbrellas, but fibreglass can be a better option. Especially handy if you live in a windy area as it can bend with the wind. It is quite impressive how much fibreglass umbrellas can bend without breaking, which adds up to their longevity.

As far as the fabric goes, be careful when choosing umbrellas as many of them tend to be decorative and do not take into account certain extreme weather conditions. If you live in a region that sees excessive rain, the fabric of your outdoor umbrella needs to be weather resistant and provide adequate protection against the strong sun at the same time.

fiberglass umbrella in the pool


When it comes to the canopy, some people who have enough time on their hands, opt for a sort of do-it-yourself mini-project and sew their own umbrella fabric, which gives them a chance to customize it however they like.

There are many options to choosing the best outdoor umbrella for you. Anyone can find the aesthetically appropriate sun-protector for their backyard. When it comes to the function and mechanism, it really depends on what sort of effect you want to accomplish and how you want to spend your time lazing about – from mini-umbrellas for a small moment of respite and cold lemonade to lofty linen roofs worthy of an expansive gazebo.


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