How to Convince Your Boss to Get a Game Room

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How to Convince Your Boss to Get a Game Room

If there’s anything that people have learned over the past few decades, it’s that burnout is a very, very real thing.

Even if you work at a good company that compensates you fairly and appreciates you, you might still feel like they could do more to improve employee comfort, satisfaction, and productivity.

You may have heard of some workplaces with game rooms — break rooms on steroids where people can destress and unwind during their breaks.

If you’re wondering how you could potentially convince your boss to get on board with adding one to your workplace, this article might just help. This is how to convince your boss to get a game room.

How Important Are Breaks?

You probably already know just how important breaks are to keeping employees’ morale (and sanity) up. Studies show that employees’ productivity, job satisfaction, and emotional health improve when allowed regular breaks.

Taking short breaks regularly can help you:

  • Reevaluate goals
  • Improve physical health
  • Improve focus
  • Boost creativity
  • Help mental health
  • Reduce stress

Why a Game Room?

Sure, breaks are important. But one thing your boss might ask you is — why should they add a game room when break rooms already exist? Break rooms are great, of course. But not all of them provide the same benefits that game rooms might.

Game rooms can certainly come with some drawbacks. They may provide an extra distraction, something that might concern your employers. But with proper regulations and management, this distraction can be minimized. Then, of course, there’s the extra cost and the fact that a game room might take up space that could be used for something else.

Despite the drawbacks, game rooms provide countless benefits that outweigh the negatives.

Game Rooms Provide a Space to Destress

Employees may sometimes encounter stress and frustration as they perform their duties. Break rooms can help to lessen this somewhat, but a game room provides more outlets that offer other benefits.

Allowing employees to destress and relax in a game room can help increase their mood, morale, and mental health. Sending employees back to work with improved moods can lead to increased productivity and better job performance.

Allows Employees to Bond and Improve Workplace Relationships

Game rooms and the activities within them can help employees bond. New employees can be introduced into the fold with an icebreaker activity. The same goes for employees who are normally shy. Having cooperative activities in the game room can lead to improved workplace relationships, boosting employees’ communication and collaboration skills.

Boost Workplace Culture and Environment

There’s no doubt that a positive and healthy working environment keeps employees happy and productive. Happy employees also sometimes find themselves willing to go above and beyond, improving results overall.

A game room can boost a workplace’s culture and environment, fostering a spirit of friendly competition while also providing employees with something to look forward to during their breaks.

Improve Employees’ Physical Health

Depending on what your employers put into the game room, it could also help get the workforce healthier. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t beneficial for anybody — add stress to that, and people are likely to start falling ill or feeling aches and pains. Adding something like a ping pong table can help get employees off their chairs and active for a few minutes a day.

Consider a Ping Pong Table

If your boss worries about the cost, let them know they don’t need the most expensive high-end table out there. There are even affordable mini-sized ping pong tables you can order right from Amazon.

Check out this list of the best table tennis tables to find one suitable for your office. One good, durable table is enough (along with paddles and a supply of ping pong balls, of course).

Ping pong tables might just help your boss warm up to the idea of having a game room. They provide numerous benefits not just to physical health but also to mental and emotional health. A STIGA Advantage Pro indoor table, for example, can help employees hone their focus and concentration skills as they play.

As a social sport playable by 1-4 people, employees can get all the benefits of a game room with just this one activity. And if space is a concern, you can tell your boss about the STIGA Space Saver or JOOLA Midsize tables.

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