How to Cope with a Hangover Abroad

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How to Cope with a Hangover Abroad

Partying and travelling can often go hand-in-hand. You’ll most likely spend your days exploring different sights and attractions, and your evenings dancing and socialising in a city’s best clubs.

Unfortunately, too much fun can lead to a troublesome hangover that could potentially ruin your trip. If you want to stay healthy and energetic after burning the candle at both ends, find out how to cope with a hangover abroad.

Pack a Hangover Survival Kit in Your Luggage

Never assume you can walk into a drugstore abroad and find everything you need to eliminate your hangover symptoms. Instead, you should pack a hangover survival kit in your luggage that will make you feel like your old self.

For example, you should pack plenty of painkillers, a reusable water bottle to take with you on your travels, Gatorade, breath mints, and sunglasses.

Take a Power Nap to Increase Your Energy Levels

How to Cope with a Hangover Abroad

If you are struggling with a hangover that refuses to ease, you should enjoy a power nap. A 20-minute nap could be all you need to shake a painful headache and increase your energy levels. You can then enjoy a more enjoyable day or evening, as a result.

Book a Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

Banish headaches, nausea, and fatigue by booking a mobile hydration therapy treatment from Reset IV. A nurse will visit your hotel room to administer the treatment, and you will start to feel like your old self within a matter of minutes. Once the treatment is over, your body will be hydrated, and you will both look and feel great, so you can enjoy the rest of your experience.

Get Some Fresh Air to Wake Yourself Up

How to Cope with a Hangover Abroad

When your head is pulsating, and you’re feeling a little lethargic, you should step outside to enjoy some much-needed fresh air. This will help to wake you up and boost your energy levels, so you might feel a little bit better than you would if you were stuck indoors.

Grab a Bite to Eat to Battle Nausea

An empty stomach could exacerbate your hangover symptoms. It might be helpful to grab a quick bite to eat to help you make a swift recovery. If your stomach is twisting and turning, you might be wise to stick with water. However, if you feel you can handle something to eat, opt for something light but filling, such as a sandwich. It might be all it takes to reduce your nausea.

Pick an Aisle Seat for Your Flight Home

How to Cope with a Hangover Abroad

Too much partying can play havoc with your body. If you want to ensure your hangover doesn’t get the best of you on a morning flight home, you should try to book an aisle seat on a plane. You will probably want your last night to be as fun and wild as possible before you return to everyday life, so an aisle seat will allow you to make a quick trip to the bathroom, should you suddenly need to go.

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