How to Create a Harmonious Work Environment

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How to Create a Harmonious Work Environment

Are your employees motivated to work for your organization? Is your team satisfied and engaged or do they feel under-appreciated or sidelined? 

Australia’s population is diverse and accordingly, our workplaces often are with people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities and with a host of different capabilities, experiences, and personalities. It takes a conscious and decisive effort to manage diversity in the workplace. 

Subconscious biases, presumptions, prejudices, and discrimination can cause untold harm to any organization. It is then important to know how to create a harmonious work environment.


More than 43% of Australians experience mental health issues due to work-related stress. These mental health problems cost  Australian businesses millions of dollars each year. A toxic workplace results in disengaged workers, high employee turnover And reputational damage to the company.

The number one reason for quitting a job is not the salary – it’s the lack of job satisfaction. Research strongly indicates that employees work more collaboratively, creatively and effectively when they are respected and valued. 

Let’s take a closer look at the steps you can take to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace

a). Evaluate Your Hiring Processes 

Many good candidates get rejected at the recruiting stage itself due to unwritten rules regarding age, gender, ethnicity and even appearance. Avoid discriminatory language (‘we welcome a young and energetic gentleman for sales’) and make it a point to implement an inclusive hiring process. 

b). Nip Toxicity in the Bud 

If racism, discrimination, gossip, harassment, and intimidation are allowed to flourish, you will soon stand to lose valuable employees. Despite widespread awareness, there are still many inappropriate practices and attitudes that go unchallenged in the workplace. 

Many issues start off as trivial one-off incidents but leaving them unaddressed will encourage offenders to continue behaving inappropriately. Demonstrate strong and effective leadership by taking stringent action to discourage negative behaviors. 

c). Show Appreciation and Gratitude 

Managers who show genuine appreciation and gratitude are likely to inspire engagement and loyalty in employees. Reward employees based on their performance and competence and take steps to offer opportunities to all so minority groups can be represented at all levels. 

d). Investigate Every Problem before Taking Action

Encourage the concerned employees to discuss issues with you in one-on-one meetings before deciding on the best way forward. Practice active listening when your employees air their grievances or complaints. Encourage all employees to speak up even if they are not the direct victims of inappropriate conduct.

e). Organize Fun, Leisure Activities 

Office parties, lunches, picnics or sporting events can break the ice effectively and allow employees to mingle informally. Encourage your team to bring their loved ones and children for family events. 

Employees are more likely to feel relaxed and comfortable outside a formal work environment.

Symmetra offers high-quality diversity training in Sydney and helps organizations build productive, harmonious and engaging workplace environments. Feel free to contact us for our comprehensive range of corporate solutions and HR consulting services. 

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