How To Cut Your Apple So It Stays Fresh

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How To Cut Your Apple So It Stays Fresh

Apples, are nature’s sweet candy, they are crunchy, delicious and always satisfying. Simply grab one, bite and enjoy.

If you have kids or like to pack your own lunch box for work, apples are a great healthy choice. However, for readiness most people will slice their apple before packing it in their lunch box. The challenge for most, is how to cut your apple so it stays fresh. How do you keep your sliced apple looking as appetising as when you first slice it without it browning?

Parents want their kids to enjoy their fruit because is healthy. How do you ensure the fruit you chopped up looks fresh after sitting inside a lunch box for hours before lunch time?  Is this possible? Yes, it is!

You can  send your kid off to school with the nutritious foods you want them to eat. With the help of this nifty cutting hack and a rubber band, they will never toss out a brown apple again.

In the video below you will learn the easiest and fastest way to cut your apple so it stays fresh longer without it browning.

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