How To Date Someone With Chronic Migraines Every Day

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How To Date Someone With Chronic Migraines Every Day

No dating is invulnerable to the extra work that goes into making sure that their relationship is working. Every couple has speed bumps and obstacles to overcome. Especially, those relationships that involve a partner who has an unseeable or chronic medical condition like chronic migraines can give a new type of challenge in such dating. How to date someone with chronic migraines every day.

Understanding Chronic Migraines

How To Date Someone With Chronic Migraines Every Day-Migraines

Migraines are constant headaches that keep recurring, causing some pain that can last for some hours or several days. Dating someone who has constant or chronic migraines can be a frustrating experience, and to some people, it can be not very easy. Naturally, migraines tend to interrupt plans as they occur with no or little warning, and this can disrupt and distract someone’s daily life regularly. 

When this is the case to your partner, there are steps you can take to make sure that both of you continues to enjoy a stable and happy relationship. For someone to understand the best approach thoroughly to use when dealing with chronic migraines, they need to be aware of what their partner is going through.

A migraine is typically defined, involves some or all of the following symptoms: pain in the head that can be sometimes severe, nausea, throbbing or pulsing feeling and developing sensitivity to sounds and light. Pain brought about by migraine often becomes worse amid activities that are physical and can sometimes hinder someone’s regular activities. With that understanding in mind, you will not only help your partner overcome the condition but also show to them how you genuinely care and your willingness to help.

How To Help

First, monitor your partner’s condition to understand the reasons for chronic migraines. Please take note of any circumstances or events of when they occur and what could have caused the trigger. Record and keep details on the severity of pain, how long the pain has lasted and the kind of treatment that has brought relief. Such close monitoring should give both of you a clear idea of when the migraines commonly occur and what could be causing them. 

Understanding the predictable migraine times will help you plan your activities around the best times. For instance, if your partner experiences the migraines in the morning, try to plan your activities in the evening. During the evenings, plan your hours wisely and spend quality time together. At this time, you can both take care of the shared responsibilities as well as be intimate.

Care and Treatment

How To Date Someone With Chronic Migraines Every Day- Treatment

Chronic migraines require patience when it comes to care and treatment. Since your partner’s migraines may not occur in a regular pattern, they may, therefore, be unpredictable, and this might reorganise your plans. During such times, provide care and comfort. Don’t get upset or hold resentful feeling towards your partner as this will only create additional problems. During migraines, it may help to give the scalp a gentle massage or place a cold icepack around the neck.

Chronic migraines cannot be controlled, so your partner may need to consult a doctor and engage in long term migraine treatment at BTX migraine centre. Make sure your partner gets the right medication and keep checking for improvements. By doing this together, it will help both of you to spend time with each other.

Having a relationship with someone who is suffering from a chronic illness can be so challenging. But, if you can overcome the hardships that come along with conditions such as chronic migraines, you can make it through any other speed bump in a relationship or any different challenge life may throw at both of you.

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