How to Design a Company T-Shirt That Everyone Will Wear

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How to Design a Company T-Shirt That Everyone Will Wear

Designing company t-shirts is not a walk in the park. This is because a company’s T-shirts must have the best design that attracts sales and market the company. If you are willing to go uphill and design the best shirts for your company, use these tips. Read on to find out how to design a company T-shirt that everyone will wear.

1. Choose the right garment

This is a crucial step because you have to pick what your team would be happy and comfortable to wear daily. The most important part is that the garment will be worn while at work.

In that case, you should not pick these t-shirts blindly. Choose the right material and make sure it is as durable as possible. To be on the right track, figure out the purpose of the t-shirts and the often they will be worn.

2. Define your timeline, quantity, and budget

You must think about those corporate events as you do custom t-shirts printing. Think about the budget, time, and quantity of company shirts you are going to need.

It is crucial to stay within the budget as you design the shirts. Unless you do that, the company might face some financial challenges due to the poor allocation of resources.

If you need a certain quality and it happens to be expensive, you will have to lower your taste.

3. Have the best printing options

Having enough printing options is one of the most important t-shirt design tips you must use. Since there are lots of printing methods out there. It is important to choose a custom t-shirts printing that works well for your company.

At the time, you can go for screen printing, vinyl graphics, or the direct-to-garment technique. Discuss with the team members to decide what best suits your company. Also, choose a method that resonates with your company budget.

This is another important decision that many people tend to overlook. Psychology of colour has a whole field to itself, making colour an important thing in this case. Colour can greatly impact consumer behaviour, so you have to be sure to choose it carefully.

However, you must be careful not to switch company colours once everything is established. Take your time and go for a simple colour that resonates with the nature and niche of your company.

5. Write the message that works

Each company has a unique slang that sets them apart from the rest on the market. Note that your t-shirt will pass an important message to customers, so be sure to make it stand out and convey a message that talks of the company.

Your customers should recognize your company through the message. Also, the text should be visible from a few meters away.


Those are the things you need to design the best t-shirts for your company. Do you still have any questions about the topic? Write us a comment below, and we will get back to you with the necessary details. Otherwise, that information is enough to give your company the best t-shirts.


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