How to Design Your Home to Fit Your High Style Life

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How to Design Your Home to Fit Your High Style Life

The desire to redecorate your home in a way to make it similar to your lifestyle is something everyone feels. And it doesn’t matter whether you can afford expensive designer elements. Why? Because style is not about the price tag – you can buy fashion, but you have to possess the style.

With that being said, here are some tips on how to create your high style paradise. On how to design your home to fit your high style life.


Lines of all high styled interiors are bold and clean. They mostly focus on emphasizing the elegant simplicity with various stripes and geometric patterns. You can add these touches with the help of pillows, curtains and upholstered chairs. In other words, you are more than welcome to roll up your sleeves, sand down, paint or even stain a few wooden furniture pieces. Simply, even though it’s all about geometric and monochromatic decorations, there’s always room for a pinch of bold colour or a statement rustic decoration here and there.

How to Design Your Home to Fit Your High Style Life


Three words: mid-century modern furniture. Opt for pieces that are simple and clear-lined in colours, such as light grey, charcoal or, if you are not a messy eater, white. And if you have a simple, timber, lightly upholstered sofa, you don’t have to waste thousands on a new one, just roll up your sleeves, get a bunch of simple fabric and upgrade it yourself. On the other hand, if you are not much on a crafty side, there are always fresh cushions that can help as well.

When it comes to living room chairs, opt for wooden, leather backed ones, and upgrade them with a cool detail like a tossed blanket for example. Kitchen chairs, on the other hand, should be modern-shaped in colours such as black and white and made out of metal or plastic.

Mixing high and low

Style is all about mixing and matching. Old vs new, expensive vs cheap, purchased vs DIY etc. For example, you can match your new stylish freestanding bathtub with a rustic, embellished bathroom mirror. Make sure to invest in just a few good pieces that will be key pillars for achieving this amazing look.

How to Design Your Home to Fit Your High Style Life


When it comes to colours, we all know that the current style is all about muted earthy tones. These shades can be accentuated with black, grey, white and ocean blue. Stick to stark and monochromatic colour schemes to get close to the ultimate and always appreciated among interior designers – Scandinavian style.

Consider white or grey walls and furniture made out of leather or natural wood. This contrast is the best combination of style and relaxation.

How to Design Your Home to Fit Your High Style Life

Floors should either be wooden (pale or dark wood) or natural tiled. Cabinets should be pale grey or white. While lights, rugs and other small decorative touches and accent pieces should stick out a little bit and embrace the colours such as metallic or blue. You can even consider incorporating ocean blue in larger areas such as beddings, rugs, accent walls or furniture.

Comfortably classy

People who live a high style life also have a bunch of friends. So, they need to think about their friends’ needs as well. That means bigger sofas with sectionals or extended chaises where you can all lounge together. Which are covered in practical materials such as leather or microfiber. Next, cocktail tables are bigger and deeper while the key piece of their bedroom is a super comfortable mattress hidden underneath stylish bedsheets.

Don’t forget about the entrance

Last but not least, the entrance to your home should look luxurious and welcoming. You cannot just leave it bare because that’s not a good way for leaving a great first impression. In order to boost your homes looks from the outside, you should consider painting your front door in a bold statement colour. Also, put up two almost identical potted plants on each side to create symmetry and add character. Lastly, no home should exists without a luxurious doormat. You can easily find one with a stainless steel frame that will add to the luxurious feel, instead of just going for the ordinary “welcome” one.

That would basically be it. Remember, whatever you decide to do, the most important thing is that you are feeling completely satisfied and fulfilled in your home. Have fun creating your stylish paradise.

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