How to Extend the Life of Several Home Appliances

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How to Extend the Life of Several Home Appliances

While appliances will eventually need to be replaced after they’ve been used for quite a long time. There is a way to extend the life of these appliances by taking proper care of them. This is how to expand the life of several home appliances. It all begins with purchasing high-quality products that are known for being energy efficient. The high-quality appliances are often more durable and tend to last a lot longer. Aside from buying the best appliances available, there are a few other essential tips you should try.

The Refrigerator

The average refrigerator typically stays in good condition for up to 13 years. There are rubber strips on the door of the fridge that keeps it shut, preventing the cold air from escaping. You’ll want to make sure these strips continue to do the job correctly. There are times when things will get on them. Such as liquid from beverages, sauce from food, and even grease from different foods you may have touched before opening or closing the door.

How to Extend the Life of Several Home Appliances

Look behind the fridge for any dust or dirt. If you notice dust and dirt, you should wipe it off with a damp cloth. If there is a lot of dust building up on your refrigerator. The appliance will need to do even more work just to properly keep your food and beverages cold. If the fridge is overworked, it’s going to break a lot faster than a fridge that isn’t overworked.

The Dishwasher

When properly maintained, the average dishwasher will continue working for nearly a decade. However, you’ll need to make sure you’re taking the time to clean it properly, which includes washing the gasket of the dishwasher with mild detergent. Some dishwashers come with a filter that owners can remove and then empty out. If you can remove your filter, you should do so from time to time to get rid of anything that may be on it.

How to Extend the Life of Several Home Appliances

The Laundry Machine

One of the most important appliances in your home may be the washing machine. That you use daily to take care of your soiled laundry. A good laundry machine may last for over a decade. It all depends of course, on the brand and the maintenance plan you have for it. One of the most important things you need to remember is to avoid putting too many clothes in the machine during a single load because that could cause damage to your equipment. The machine starts working even harder to clean those clothes, which causes a lot of stress on the different parts of the appliance.

The Microwave

When you’re microwaving different meals, some of the food may get on the inside of the microwave. You should look inside the microwave for any spills. If you spot anything, make sure to wipe your microwave down with a wet towel or damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean the screen that is attached to the front of the microwave to keep filters from becoming clogged.

How to Extend the Life of Several Home Appliances

It’s a good idea to wipe your microwave down after every use. By wiping it down regularly, you can avoid a buildup of stains and spills.

The Gas Range

The gas range is an important appliance to have in the home because you’ll likely use it to prepare different types of meals. Sometimes liquid may get on the top of your gas range and could fall into the area where the burners are, keeping it from operating efficiently. You should wipe any spills rather quickly and always clean off the burners with some soap and a damp cloth to prevent any buildup.

If you ever end up dealing with a minor issue, you should contact a professional who can fix the issue for you before it gets any worse. It’s better to have repairs taken care of immediately than to wait and potentially cause more damage to your appliances.

Overall, you should make sure you’re purchasing high-quality equipment and taking good care of it. If you’re keeping appliances clean and having repairs done when they’re needed, your appliances should last much longer.

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