How to Fix a Slippery Mat in Yoga

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How to Fix a Slippery Mat in Yoga

Even a novice is aware that a yoga mat is vital for classes, so it can be disappointing to invest in a new mat and find it lacks traction. In addition to being annoying, a slippery mat puts you at risk of an injury. Fortunately, before you feel reluctant to head out to yoga, Prahran pros have some advice to help you. How to fix a slippery mat in yoga: Prahran pro advice.

The Kind of Mat to Use

Basic PVC mats tend to be slippery when new, and even a premium PVC mat can feel slippery when you first start to use it. This can be particularly frustrating when you’ve invested a hundred dollars in a brand new mat.

Polyurethane, TPE and rubber mats tend to lack this initial slipperiness when they are new. In fact, fantastic grip straight out of the package is a great positive for these kinds of mats. If you’re struggling with sliding on your yoga mat, you may want to consider an alternative material when you’re due to upgrade. Additionally, these types of mat tend to also be biodegradable, which is a positive not available with PVC.

Combatting Slipperiness

If you have already bought a mat, there is no need to despair. You just need to think about wearing your mat down. This is the primary difference between a brand new mat and the well-worn ones in your Prahran yoga studio. Fortunately, you can accelerate the wearing process by washing your mat. It may even be possible to put thin PVC mats in your washing machine, just be sure to use a gentle wash cycle. There is no need to add soap to the wash, and you will need to allow lots of time for air drying. Since yoga mats are highly absorbent, it can take a few days for them to completely dry. However, periodic washing and continued use of your mat will allow it to acquire that slip-free surface you’re looking for.

Dealing With Sweaty Hands and Feet

You may find that the reason your yoga mat feels slippery is that you have sweaty hands or feet. This is not unusual, and there is no need to feel embarrassed. You can easily resolve this issue by using a towel with your yoga mat. Place a simple hand towel across the front of your mat, and you can dry your hands periodically. You can also place your palms on your towel in poses such as a downward facing dog. However, you do need to take care to ensure that your towel doesn’t slide. There are some types of absorbent, washable towels that are designed to be used with a yoga mat. These are popular, particularly for hot yoga, but can provide extra traction and prevent slipping.

Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, there is some bad advice on breaking in yoga mats floating around the internet, so you’ll need to avoid some potentially hazardous mistakes. You should avoid using apple cider vinegar to wash or treat your mat. While this may be advertised as a way to wear your mat, apple cider vinegar is a strong acid that can cause damage to the material. Likewise, you should avoid salt water and direct sunlight that can break down polyurethane, rubber or TPE.

If you’re considering Prahran yoga, you should speak to us. We offer a variety of yoga classes for all levels, and the Kaya Health Clubs team would be delighted to help you.

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