How to get back to your fitness routine

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How to get back to your fitness routine

After a break from almost any routine getting back into it is harder than you think. Getting back into fitness feels especially hard. There are the physical and mental obstacles that you need to overcome. Don’t stress, we have you covered. Some tips on how to get back to your fitness routine.

The truth is it’s easier to stick to your fitness routine than stop and try to get back to it. I know, I’m currently going through the hardship. The day came when I looked in the mirror and I wasn’t happy with my physical look and how I felt about myself. Although it seems difficult the first few times you go out there and do some exercise. Yes, you might feel like you ‘re going to die but push through it. The third and fourth time you start to fill that little mental and physical boost.

How did I get back into the routine? This is what worked for me.

1 Get A Workout Buddy

Find a friend and make a pact that involves you both getting up earlier before work. Ring each other up every morning five minutes after you’re supposed to get up and get ready to head out to the gym. When you share your goals with someone else you’re more likely to follow through. Also, you really don’t want to let your gym buddy down.

2. Sign Up For A Non-Refundable Class

Hate wasting money? Yeah, I feel you. Sign up for a class that keeps your money if you do not cancel 24 hours before. This will make it more likely that you’ll actually force yourself out of bed to get that workout. To increase your chances of success, even more, make your workout plans with a friend who will be super pissed if you leave them hanging in that 6 a.m. yoga class all by themselves. The type of friend who will ring you after and tell you what a douchebag you are for not having the will power to be there. That’s a phone call you definitely don’t want to get. Be the friend who commits and follows through.

3. Reward Your perseverance

Change is hard. It sucks. That’s why people don’t like to do it. For every week you meet your workout goals, give yourself a reward. It could be a new thing you’ve had your eye on, dinner out or a body massage. Working toward a reward increases the chances you’ll keep going, so treat yourself.

4. Get A Wake-Up Light

It’s hard to wake up when it’s still dark, which is why you need to simulate sunlight to get your ass in gear. This is especially true during the winter days. You can get a wake-up light alarm clock from Amazon that mimics a real sunrise in your room to help entice you to get out of bed. If you’ve tried everything else, this just might do the trick.

5. Get your tunes out

Make it fun. In addition to getting your clothes, shoes and water ready the night before, get your tunes ready too. You’re more likely to want to get up for your morning workout if you’re looking forward to it. Make a playlist every night before you go to bed that you can’t wait to listen to as soon as you get up. Get pumped as you head to your workout.

The truth of the matter is that it’s not going to be easy. Getting up early is hard and it’s going to take time to get used to it. That is why it’s important to make it attainable by creating a realistic habit and continually motivating yourself with things you actually want. With a little preparation, a great playlist, and a solid plan you are on your way to getting back to your fitness routine or sticking to it for the first time.

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