How To Get The Most Out Of Hydrating Moisturiser

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How To Get The Most Out Of Hydrating Moisturiser

Changing seasons take a toll on your skin, right? Some of us have either dry skin or really oily skin; while the rest enjoy perfect glowing and hydrated skin!

How do they have such beautiful skin all throughout the year? Well simple, because they are cautious about what they feed their skin with, and above this, how they feed the skincare also matters! Let’s walk you through how to get the most out of hydrating moisturiser.

Your skin is similar to mother nature. If not hydrated properly, even mother nature develops cracks and is unattractive. Therefore, you must not skip moisturizing your skin. Even 70-year-old Yvonne, who appears no more than 30, at Oprah Winfrey Show says- “Moisturise, Moisturise, and Moisturise as her age-defying secret! (Watch the complete video below)

You might be moisturizing it enough, but you might be doing it wrong which is hindering to achieve the desired results. Let’s see what is the right way!

When to Apply moisturizer?

Make sure not to apply the Hydrating Moisturiser on the bone dry skin.  A moisturizer sets better on damp skin. So, just after you take a bath, towel off, and do not wait for more than 3 minutes to apply the best moisturizer. This time window helps you lock the moisture in the skin without evaporating it off. Apply it on the damp face for the perfect glow on the skin. If you use toner, then quickly apply the moisturizer after the toner. It holds true for your body too.

How much moisturizer to apply?

Excess of anything is bad, and so is the little of the same. Thus, you need to ensure that the amount of moisturizer you take to apply on your face or body should be adequate. You need not lather up your skin if your skin is too dry- it won’t help! Also, using too much moisturizer will hinder the application of sunscreen and makeup. Above all, your skin will be all greasy due to over-application.

About a quarter size of a scoop of moisturizer is enough for your face. Of course, the amount of moisturizer is susceptible to change as per the consistency you choose and how your skin feels at the moment. Your skin is prone to change with the changing seasons, so the amount might differ.

How to apply Hydrating Moisturiser?

Moisturizers are supposed to be absorbing easily and hydrating at the same time.

Make sure that your fingers are clean before application, with your fingertips apply gently in small circular motions, and use upward storks for the neck area. Always remember not to rub too hard Otherwise, you will end up hurting the skin instead of doing good to it. It is best if you can just pat the moisturizer on the face.

1. Prep Your Skin Properly

Always remember to cleanse your face before you go for the hydrating moisturizer. Why? Well, if you apply it on dirty skin, your skin is not going to absorb it well enough. Moreover, your skin will capture the dirt and impurities within itself and clog the pores. Thus, making your skin prone to lose radiance and inviting acne or breakout.

2. Skip Thicker and Go Better

Thicker is not always better- it has limitations to winter months. As you are entering the summer months now, hope you are already packed with a lightweight moisturizer. If your skin is oily, prefer the gel form or lightweight moisturizer. Dry skin people can opt for a thicker version. You can go safe and save bucks with an all-season moisturizer that has moisture lock technology to retain skin moisture and transdermal hydration. This can be the best moisturizer for combination skin too.

3. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Moisturiser and Sunscreen go hand in hand. If you want to relish the benefits of sunscreen, make sure you apply your moisturizer effectively. A moisturizer hydrate moisturizes and nourishes your skin with the vital nutrients that the skin needs while sunscreen protects the skin from damages caused by the Sun and environmental pollutants.

4. Have a Night Skincare Routine

No matter how hard you try to keep your skin happy and delightful during the day, it might all be in vain if you do not pay enough attention to the skin during night time. Skin repairs and revives itself while you sleep. Hydrating and giving enough nutrients to the skin will help you carry the same glow all through the next day.

5. Add A Weekly Treatment

Besides daily moisturizing your skin, you must also bring weekly or bi-weekly treatments to your face that includes face masks and body scrubbing. Both of these skincare products should be used to clear the pores from within and maintain the radiance simultaneously.

It is easy to put on an overnight sleep mask and have a good night’s sleep. Just wash off your face the next morning. You are good for the next three days at least. And, in the case of scrub, body scrub can be used weekly when you have enough time to pamper your skin and exfoliate the dead skin cells, and other dirt.

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