How to Get those Dreamy Wedding photo-shoots. (It’s not that difficult)

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How to Get those Dreamy Wedding photo-shoots. (It’s not that difficult)

Wedding photography is both exciting and enticing when it comes to shooting a marriage. Wedding photographers often describe their experience as a rather traditional expedition than a job altogether. There are some ways which are typically set to shoot weddings. Then there are some path-breaking innovations that have made amazing and remarkable wedding albums. If you want to go for the latter. You must pay attention to some expert advice that will help you achieve your best wedding portfolio. Read on to know  3 quick tips to keep in mind before you attend a wedding to shoot it.

1. Look for the Details

The foremost rule of wedding photography is to concentrate on the details and embrace the occasion. If you are shooting a destination wedding, don’t forget to start with awesome views of the location and weather of the entire setting. If you are at a local wedding with no such ardour of nature, stick to the decorations and other interesting shots. Look out for a unique occurrence, place, or proceeding. Capture something unique like the relatives of bridegroom playing poker, the bridesmaids teasing the groom, or even a nervous friend of the groom looking at the preparations. All these shots are rare and subtle, they happen in the nick of time and you have to be alert to capture them; because such shots take place of memory.

2. Socialize and Be the Guest

Although you are attending the wedding as a professional and you cannot be the guest actually, but socializing a bit and initiating small talks with camera-shy relatives of the couple will help you in the long run. The biggest achievement of a Wedding Photographer is to capture the raw emotions of the people without letting them know. Ask them about the arrangements, food, location, or the bridesmaid’s dress; make them comfortable and ask for their permission. If you manage to capture the most invert people at the wedding without making them uncomfortable, there is no other magician than you!

3. Keep Essentials in Stock

Just when the musical chairs between the bride and groom’s friends became interesting, your camera dies of low battery. Imagine this situation and the consequences. You might lose the most hilarious moments, the most embarrassing faces, or the least emotional baggage of a wedding just due to low battery! Hence, it has been a practice of photographers to keep an additional set of batteries, an extra tripod, a set of lenses, and a travel adapter or charger. Ou might have to travel long distances for attending an offshore wedding, and at such times; this practice can be a boon. After all, what is the worth of your studio accessories if they do not come handy just when you need them?

Wedding photography is fun and satiating, it is just that you need to do it the right way!    


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